It’s not so easy to decide to eat the same product for several days in a row, but the positive reviews and the results of the buckwheat diet make you look at it more closely. Moreover, you can eat buckwheat, as long as you want, and this is a definite plus for those who like buckwheat, as well as for those who suffer from restrictions in the amount of food. Why buckwheat diet is considered one of the effective mono-diet? The fact is that ready-to-eat buckwheat contains a large amount of vegetable protein, which is easily digested, and a small amount of carbohydrates, which, on the contrary, due to the structure of buckwheat fibers, are difficult to digest. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, E, PP, as well as calcium, iodine, zinc, cobalt, phosphorus, copper, nickel, malic acid and other minerals and trace elements are part of the outwardly inconspicuous cereals. The diet is well suited for lazy or very busy people: you do not need to spend time choosing foods in the store, monitor the calorie intake, do cooking.The recipe for a buckwheat diet is very simple: in the evening, on the eve of the first day, pour a glass of washed cereal with two cups of boiled water. It is forbidden to add oil, spices, sugar and salt. By the way, the absence of salt also contributes to the fact that the consumed water is rapidly excreted from the body and does not linger in the tissues. Buckwheat is preferably eaten at least five times a day in approximately equal portions, washed down with water or unsweetened tea. After spending 7 days on the buckwheat diet, you have a chance to lose from 6 to 10 kg, and in 14 days - up to 12 kg. More than two weeks to apply this diet is not recommended. The results of the buckwheat diet depend on the age, initial weight, metabolic rate, blood type and other genetic characteristics. If the buckwheat diet in its classical form seems too tight to you, you can consider its options, which allow for a little loosening. The most common combination is buckwheat and kefir with 1% fat. It is advisable to use it for an hour and a half before or after cereal. It is also allowed to drink half a cup of yogurt at bedtime. Popular reviews about buckwheat diet with the addition of dried fruit.Every day you can diversify the meal with a handful of raisins, 6-7 pieces of dried apricots or prunes. In other variants of the diet it is allowed to eat one or two fruits a day (except grapes and bananas) or add several servings of low-fat yogurt to the menu. The lack of buckwheat diet, first of all, is that the body receives little glucose. Therefore, with intense mental stress, you can feel unwell. To improve well-being in the event of weakness, you can eat a teaspoon of honey. If symptoms appear more than once, it is recommended to at least add fruits to the croup or stop this diet and find a more suitable one. Especially careful should be people with endocrine disorders and high blood pressure. In the reviews about the buckwheat diet for weight loss, it is also often found recommendations to exclude intense physical activity for the time of restriction of the diet. This is due to the low calorie diet. And in order to prevent sagging of the skin, it is desirable to do a general or anti-cellulite massage these days.

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