The buckwheat diet is considered one of the most effective modern diets, so many resort to it, wanting to quickly get rid of extra pounds or in the fight against cellulite.

Buckwheat is a vegetable cereal, it is calorie, but does not contain excess fat and carbohydrates, being a source of vegetable protein. As a result, it supports the body and is a good alternative to fasting. But the substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body in buckwheat alone are not enough, therefore, the diet on buckwheat and kefir is accompanied by the intake of vitamins, and better by the vitamin complex.

Buckwheat diet

How to use buckwheat - you can cook it by boiling it yourself or steamed in sachets, you can also pour it overnight with water or nonfat kefir. In some sources it is recommended to use only buckwheat poured on with boiling water overnight.

In general, such a diet includes 2 main products: buckwheat and kefir, so it is more likely to call it a diet on buckwheat and kefir, and not just a diet on buckwheat. Kefir serves as an independent product, as part of snacking or fighting hunger, and as an addition to buckwheat, it can be added to ready-made buckwheat, cooked with kefir, or simply washed down.But the amount of kefir is limited to one liter per day, but in case of severe hunger you can drink another extra cup of nonfat kefir.

Also within the framework of this diet it is allowed to drink water, without gas and better than mineral, but dining.

It is forbidden to add spices, sauces, sugar and salt to buckwheat. And you can not eat after 18.00, or, if your day schedule is somewhat different, then the last meal should be completed no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

Such a diet on buckwheat lasts 14 days. Since it is very tough, small indulgences are provided for those whose body requires more food: a pair of fruits (apple, orange, grapefruit or pear), or low-fat yogurt without fillers. Such indulgences are best allowed as rarely as possible, and it is better to eat all the same buckwheat, the amount of which is unlimited per day. To fight hunger before bedtime, you can drink a glass of kefir with water (dilute half a cup of kefir and half a glass of water in half).

Buckwheat Diet reviews and results

The buckwheat diet gives quite good results and, according to nutritionists, allows you to lose up to 10 kilograms per week, and for a whole course you get about 20 kilograms.They promise a stable result, after a two-week course. But no matter how optimistic the forecasts are, right after completing the course, you should not get enough and there are high-calorie foods. The body is frightened by diets, and when it then gets access to food, it tends to make reserves (in the form of fat, of course) in case the rainy days come again in the form of a diet. Therefore, products and calories return to the diet gradually, until then, until you reach the required amount of normal calories per day.

Reviews diet on buckwheat gets very different, someone claims that he can not lose anything, someone describes the incredible results. First, the diet is tough and not everyone can withstand the conditions, someone initially has buckwheat with soy sauce, and spices and salt sauces are prohibited, someone else eats fruit and meat. Secondly, many are waiting for the magic weight loss on the first day, but the body cannot react so quickly to changes, so you should not wait. That on the first day you lose 2 kilograms, the weight will go away gradually, and at the end of a two-week course, an average of 12 to 20 kilograms is lost, depending on the characteristics of the organism, the constitution, and willpower.

Someone in order to lose weight is enough to limit your diet, and then the body begins to quickly burn its reserves (in the form of fat). But for those who have a sedentary lifestyle, you may have to resort to additional physical exertion to get rid of excess weight. But be careful, this diet does not provide enough calories for active sports.

Diet on buckwheat with kefir reviews is also very emotional, people see themselves as real heroes, sitting on it. After all, this is real hardship. To strictly follow a diet requires a very good incentive that will motivate and not allow you to eat too much. Such an incentive could be the approach of the beach season, a birthday, a new dress a size smaller, which you definitely need to fit in, as well as support.

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