Business meeting in a restaurant

Business meeting in a restaurantHow are your business meetings in the restaurant

The most common time for business meetings is breakfast and lunch. For special occasions or visiting guests, lunch time is more suitable. Meetings at breakfast are convenient if you are limited in time, but remember that not everyone likes to get up early. Lunch is a common time for business meetings, deprived of the intimacy of breakfast and the formalities of lunch.


Business people, especially visitors and living in a hotel, sometimes consider a tea party in the lobby as an excellent combination of business and leisure. Business tea allows you to relax and chat in a relaxed atmosphere.


Unlike tea, meeting over coffee is more dynamic and informal. Some prefer to meet after work to have a little drink, but just a little.


The more formal the meeting, the stronger it is connected with the strategic aspects of your relationship. At informal meetings, the details of a joint business are usually discussed, and at formal receptions personal relationships are built.


How to organize a business lunch? Follow our instructions.


Never ask your guest where she or he would like to go. You must choose a place. Choose two restaurants that your guest would like and offer him a choice. If you do not know the tastes of your partner, consult with his secretary. Find out if the customer is available at the time for which lunch is scheduled. Offer two options: noon and 1:00 p.m. The restaurant should be convenient first of all for the client, not for you.


Point 2: Meeting Confirmation


The day before the meeting, contact your guest and remind him again the date, time and place of the meeting.


Point 3: pay in advance


On the day of the meeting, arrive at the restaurant a little earlier and pay immediately, so that later there will be no delays. Ask for an invoice, add 18-20% of the tip and, if necessary, ask the invoice to be mailed to you to do so, leave the head waiter with an envelope with your address. You can ask to open an account at this restaurant. In any case, the bill should not appear on the table so that the guest would not think that he should pay.


Point 4: Stay at ease


Come to the restaurant before the guest.Do not take off your coat, do not drink or eat anything. When the guest arrives, you should look as if you have just entered. Greet the guest, calling him by name, and shake his hand.


Point 5: Take the most awkward place


Follow the guest to the table. Let him take the most convenient place. Never put a guest in front of a mirror or door to the kitchen.


Point 6: carefully make an order


Wait until the guest is settled. Looking through the menu, hint to the guest about the boundaries of your hospitality. You can say: “I think I'll order myself a cocktail” or “I suppose I will limit myself to tea with ice.” You can help the guest by offering certain dishes. For example, you can say: "Baked shrimps and corn chili soup are especially good at this restaurant."


These offers will allow the guest to determine the amount you expect to spend. But do not be greedy! Offer one of the most expensive dishes. If the guest orders himself an aperitif, do the same. Here are some tips.


Always order the same number of dishes as a guest. This will prevent an awkward situation when one is eating and the other is sitting and looking.


If the guest eats little, then you do not overeat. With hunger will not die.


Do not begin to discuss matters until you finish eating. Of course, if necessary, you can start a business conversation before the end of the meal, but with the consent of both parties: you and your guest (guests). True, today, when business has become very dynamic, this rule is so often violated that it has ceased to be a rule. Nevertheless, there are people who do not like to mix business and food. Therefore, first find out whether the partner will object to immediately proceed to the case.


During the meal, you can view the diary and business papers. But do not use a mobile phone, laptop or pager: the restaurant is not an office. If for negotiations you need all these items, organize a dinner in the conference room.


Here are some more tips.


Do not forget that in the restaurant you are not alone, there are other people. Do not bother them with your business. Book a table somewhere on the edge.


Speak quietly and calmly.


Do not place sunglasses, keys and electronic devices on the table. Put it all in a bag, and put the bag on the floor or on an empty chair. If you have a pager, put it into vibrating alert mode.

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