Buying a country house.

Buying a country house

Buying a country house

Should I buy a country house?



Each of us wants to have our own housing. Many people think about buying a country mansion. Sometimes this desire is caused by the fact that we want to be away from a gassed city and spend time in nature. Sometimes we lack our personal space or our neighbors are bored.


It should be noted that a country house is not only solitude with nature, but also additional efforts and costs that are not in a city apartment. Not everyone can afford to keep a house and an apartment at the same time. This is not only a financial issue, but also a matter of time and effort. Therefore, when choosing one should take into account all the nuances and complexities of life in a country house.
Should I buy a country house? When we imagine a country house before us, there is peace and independence. An apartment may have quarrels with neighbors over children and their hobbies, pets, and repairs. In addition, each of us wants to have personal space, and the apartment provides for the joint use of the staircase, elevator, and landing.


However, before you decide to buy a house or territory for its construction, you should evaluate the pros and cons. Not everyone is ready to face additional problems and costs in private housing. A private house requires constant care, at any time of the year, in any weather. If in apartments questions are solved in the housing office, then in your personal housing only you yourself can repair the roof, repair the leaking pipes or a broken faucet. There is also no janitor who follows the local area and sweeps the leaves in the yard. This will require additional financial costs.


Equally important is the distance from neighbors. If you need help, then it’s difficult to reach the neighbors. And in the event of an attack on the house or another incident, the help will not have to wait.


Transport and roads are another thing to consider. If you have a private car, it will be easy for you to get to work and take your children to school / garden. However, it is worth considering alternatives, such as a bus or other transport. A bad road surface can play a bad joke in slush or ice. It can make transportation difficult.


Underdeveloped infrastructure is another problem for country life. Near the country house there will be no supermarkets, hospitals and schools. Most likely, they will have to get far enough.


Should I buy a country house? There is a lot of advantage to country life - clean air, the opportunity to have your own personal plot, to be one owner in the yard, and not to quarrel with your neighbors. In the courtyard you can arrange picnics, barbecues, barbecues, discos and children will walk around the site quietly. However, she has some drawbacks. Before you decide on a country house should be carefully thought out and evaluated.


Do I need to insure the property?



From time to time, almost all of us are faced with offers to insure our homes. Someone thinks about it himself, someone receives offers from insurance agents. If you are still thinking whether to insure real estate, then you should weigh the pros and cons.


Oddly enough, the issue of home insurance arises after an accident, such as a fire or flooding by neighbors. Although in this situation it is too late to think about insurance, we want to avoid similar situations in the future.In our country there is no compulsory property insurance. We have this practice is not as common as, for example, in the United States. If we have insured only 5% of homes, then in America this percentage of uninsured housing. They have it taken.
Do I need to insure property? There is also an explanation for our dislike for insurance. We have accepted that property insurance is expensive and inefficient. Russians insure their home, as a rule, when they are forced to do so. For example, insurance CTP. In fact, this is a misconception due to the high cost of certain types of insurance. In addition, there are companies that unfairly fulfill the conditions of insurance. Sometimes insurance rates are too small to compensate for all losses.


In the case of buying an apartment in the secondary market, there is a risk that after the purchase there may be technical or legal problems. Before buying, the expert must check all the documentation. However, in this case, you can not exclude the risks.


In this case, you can apply for title insurance. This is an insurance that allows you to insure the transaction if you lose ownership in the event of any new circumstances. You insure a deal and are not afraid that you will lose the apartment.The essence of title insurance comes down to the fact that you are protected from falsified documents or withholding information by the seller. The subject of this type of insurance is the ownership of housing. To do this, experts check and evaluate all documents to determine the risks.

Insurance of real estate

Insurance of real estate

Do I need to insure real estate? Insurance rates are very different from one another. It all depends on the type of insurance, risks and the mass of other factors. For example, the stability of the real estate market, the previous history of the insured, the documents provided. The rate can range from 0.2% to 4.5% of the sum insured.


There is also a liability insurance against damage to property, life or health of third parties. This means the possibility of causing damage to you by third parties. For example, if your neighbors have a new repair from below, and pipes have flowed in your apartment, the insurance company will reimburse all costs.


There is also a repair insurance. In this case, you insure your apartment from being flooded by neighbors or from natural disasters.


Damage insurance is an obligatory type of insurance at loan. When a bank gives you money to buy real estate, this is its main requirement. With such insurance, the insurer pays the funds to the injured party from the partial or total destruction of the property.


Mortgage insurance protects the lender from losses that may arise in the event of a borrower's bankruptcy and a shortage of money from the sold pledged item to cover the debt that has remained. Mortgage insurance is divided into private and public. It depends on whether the insurer is an insurance company or a state.


Do I need to insure the property? There are two types of mortgage insurance:

  1. - borrower's liability insurance
  2. - insurance of financial risks of creditors.


The type of insurance is chosen depending on whether you want to insure a country house or a new apartment. In the first case, a simple fire insurance policy is enough. In the second case, it is better to choose comprehensive insurance. The entire list of possible insurance, you can find out in the insurance company.


As a rule, the insurance contract is for 1 year, but it may also be for several years.When insurance is an additional security for a long-term loan, insurance is for the entire period of the loan agreement. Risks may affect the insurance rate, they may vary due to circumstances. For example, if a building made of flammable material is insured against fire, a higher rate will apply. Real estate can be insured against fire, natural disasters, explosions, accidents, thefts, burglary, damage caused by exposure to water and other things.


Sometimes the insurer does not pay insurance under the contract. This may be due to non-compliance with the terms of the contract, with the inability to provide all the necessary documents. Also, the insurer may not pay the full value of the object, if it is not destroyed at 100%. In order to avoid any problems with payments, if an insured event has occurred, professionals advise to handle housing documents with care, keep all receipts for property costs and comply with all contract requirements.


When choosing a policy, you need to take only the one that is needed and that suits you fully. Often, agents offer policies with insured events, the occurrence of which is extremely small. Thereby they increase the cost of insurance.If the insurance company recommends comprehensive insurance, and you do not need it, then insist on your decision. True on the client side. If the company does not go to your meeting, then you should choose another one.


According to the insurers, the largest number of insurances relate to utility accidents. They are about 60% of the total. This is because utilities in Russia are quite worn out. 15% of insurance claims are fires. If we take force majeure (terrorist attacks, vehicle explosions), then they are less than 1%.


Often, real estate insure against theft. This type of insurance is especially popular in late spring, when it is time for holidays and people leave their apartments for a long time.

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