Cake with a photo is an excellent gift for a birthday person

Cakes have long ceased to be banal pastries. Today it is a true work of art. The coating and various figurines made of mastic, mirror glaze, roses made of cream - all this decor is able to realize the most unusual wishes of the client. One of the most popular ornaments is a photograph. Yes, yes, it is on the cake. Do you think this can not be repeated at home? Wrong, just be patient and the right products.

Unusual decoration

It's very easy to make a pleasant surprise for a birthday. The hero of the day will certainly be pleased to see fragrant pastries, which will feature family photography. This option is also suitable for a gift to a loved one. You can always add a nice inscription or even a marriage proposal to a picture. But the little kids will be delighted with the dessert with the character from the beloved cartoon.

Such gifts can be made for any occasion.So, for example, Christmas baking can be decorated with a picture from a beautiful card, and it will already in itself become an excellent gift.

Most often, the "edible" images are made to order. But if you have the opportunity to rent a food printer, then the matter remains for small.

By the way, this decor is suitable for any cake - biscuit, puff (like Napoleon), baked from hard cake layers and even the simplest wafer.

So, how do you make a picture for dessert yourself?

  1. To get started, buy the necessary products. You will need special food paints and "edible" paper, it can be rice, waffle or sugar.
  2. Next you need to prepare the base for the picture. To do this, the surface must be covered with mastic or cream, which must be given to pre-harden.
  3. The third stage is the most laborious. For him you will need:
  • the original photo that you want to put on baking;
  • food printer, ink, paper;
  • scissors;
  • gel for fixing;
  • brush.

In a special graphic program on a computer, you need to process the scanned photo (add a frame, decorations, an inscription), adjust it to the desired size and print.After that, cut out the image, if necessary, grease with confectionery gel, and attach, gently leveling the picture over the surface.

Usually sugar or rice paper does not gloss over the top, and waffle paper requires coating. For it, it is necessary to dissolve the gelatin in water, heat it up to complete dissolution and apply it to the surface.

It is necessary to work with a photo very carefully, especially if it was just printed out, so as not to damage the drawing.

The undoubted plus of such decorations is that they can be eaten without worrying about their health. The natural ingredients used for food printers are completely safe.

Homemade cakes with your favorite images will be a great surprise gift for the birthday boy and be sure to be remembered for a long time, leaving the most pleasant impressions.

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