Can I eat honey during pregnancy?

Honey is truly an invaluable and unique product that contains a huge amount of useful substances. It helps to cope with many diseases, allows you to increase the body's defenses, is an indispensable assistant in the field of cosmetology, and just a delicious delicacy.

In addition, this beekeeping product has a positive effect on the reproductive system of men and women. It's not for nothing that the first month after the wedding our ancestors called honey. During this period, the couple ate a lot of honey to conceive and give birth to healthy children.

But is it possible for women to afford such sweetness and if so, in what cases and quantities? In this and try to figure it out.

Tasty and healthy delicacy

It's no secret that often the future mothers just rave with sweet desserts and do not even imagine a day without them. But only pastries, sweets and other pastry delights will certainly lead to weight gain. In this case, doctors recommend partially replace them with honey if the woman does not have allergies on him.

Firstly, it will be enough a tablespoon to relieve a keen desire to eat sweet, and secondly, and this is proved by medical research, this beekeeping product is also useful for the baby in the womb.

But this is not all its advantages.

  1. Many women experience a breakdown during pregnancy. This results from the fact that actively developing child demands the increasing quantity of nutrients. The composition of "sweet amber" includes a large amount of carbohydrates, which are easily absorbed by the body, while providing such necessary energy.
  2. Honey has an excellent sedative effect, having a beneficial effect on the nervous system and helping to cope with mood swings. It will help in case of poor sleep or insomnia.
  3. In the early stages, the use of this delicacy will be an effective "cure" for toxicosis. To do this, every morning on an empty stomach you need to eat 1 tsp of the product or dilute it in a glass of warm water and drink.
  4. Constipation and bloating are also often companions of pregnant women, delivering a lot of inconvenience. Enzymes that are contained in honey, help to organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.To do this, simply eat a fresh product.

If you got a cold

Of course, it is worthwhile to take care of yourself during pregnancy with particular diligence, but, unfortunately, no one is immune from disease. And if it so happened that the disease still began, then you need to approach the issue of treatment correctly.

Since most drugs are prohibited for pregnant women, various folk recipes are effective. So, for colds, doctors are allowed to use milk with honey, which will help relieve even the most severe sore throat. To do this, heat the milk, put in it a small piece of butter, honey and baking soda at the tip of a teaspoon.

To the effect did not take long, you need to take such a means 3-4 times a day.

Tea with the addition of beekeeping products will also be useful. Such a drink will give the body strength and vivacity. But be careful, do not forget that you can not add the products of bees in boiling water, and tea should not be made too strong. The maximum possible amount of such a drink is 2 cups per day.

Another simple remedy that will help overcome nausea and increase the body's defenses is honey with lemon.This combination of products is indicated both for colds and sore throats, and for the normalization of the stomach, and even in the case of high blood pressure.

Coughing helps honey with onions. Of course, this is not the most delicious medicine, but effective. You need to take it several times a day for 1 tsp, then forget about the cough in 2-3 days.

Important limitations

Despite the fact that honey is a delicious delicacy, it should not be abused, because it is still one of the most powerful allergens. Per day you can afford 20-30 g of this sweet product. Also contraindications to use are:

  • allergy;
  • diabetes;
  • excess weight.

The most useful are considered dark varieties. They contain almost 5 times more iron, magnesium and copper than in light. Enjoy yourself with tasty and natural supplements, and be healthy!

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