Can pregnant women go to a solarium: for and against

The appearance of sunburn on the skin

Sunburn is nothing more than the effects of ultraviolet rays on human skin. From this process, skin areas on the body begin to produce a substance called melanin. It is thanks to this substance that the skin acquires a golden or chocolate shade. Melanin binds and neutralizes free radicals. Radicals are formed on the skin due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. They are somewhat dangerous to human health. It is the radicals that can provoke the appearance of tumors or defects in the structure of DNA.
Since the skin must first protect the body from possible danger, the tan does not fall immediately. Initially, human skin turns red. Sunbathing a lot is really bad. But here a small dose of ultraviolet radiation, by contrast, have a beneficial effect.

Pregnant women can go to the solarium

Studies have found that ultraviolet rays in small quantities have a positive effect on the body of the future mother and her child.When tanning, a pregnant woman has a heightened mood, positive emotions, which is undoubtedly very useful for the baby. There are even several statements that prove the positive effect of ultraviolet radiation on a pregnant woman.
1. Ultraviolet produces vitamin D. With its help, calcium and phosphorus are absorbed several times better. And during pregnancy, a woman consumes these substances in large enough quantities.
2. Due to the influence of ultraviolet, many processes in the body are activated. This refers to blood circulation, respiration and metabolism.
3. A small amount of tanning has a positive effect on the immune system. This is especially true in the fall and winter.

The negative effect of tanning on a pregnant woman

Although there are many advantages of tanning during pregnancy, but the negative aspects of such a procedure still can not be avoided. This is indicated by some of the arguments of experts.
1. During pregnancy in the body of the bride's hormonal changes. The pigment melanin is activated in this case. This may result in the formation of chloasma. So called spots of pregnancy.From the action of ultraviolet rays, the amount of chloasma increases.
2. Exposure to ultraviolet rays provokes the production of male hormones. This also applies to the hormones of the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland. This can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.

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