Can the flu be treated with antibiotics?

Influenza - viral disease

Infectious diseases are divided into two types - bacterial and viral. And if antibiotics are dealt with the first almost instantly, they turn out to be completely useless against viruses. Moreover, if you take antibiotics just like that, in the hope of "maybe it will help," it can cause serious damage to the health of the body. Bacteria gradually develop antibiotic protection mechanisms, and when the medicine is really needed, it will be completely useless, because it will not be able to fully affect the bacteria that are prepared for the attack of bacterial colds.
If a doctor doubts what exactly his patient is sick of, and prescribes antibiotics, just in case, he is doing a disservice to the patient.

You can get rid of the flu without drugs

Today in medicine there are so few antiviral drugs that we can saythat the only effective treatment for influenza lies only in relieving painful symptoms, drinking heavily, sparingly, and waiting. The human immune system has long learned to cope with influenza viruses with virtually no outside help, so the patient is only required not to resist the course of natural recovery and just wait until his body gets rid of the pathogens.Antibiotics are also powerless against fungal diseases, for the cure of which there are special antifungal drugs - antimycotics.

Antibiotics against post-flu complications

Nevertheless, antibiotics can sometimes be prescribed for flu. Their need can only be determined by the doctor, and not by the one who sees the patient for the first time, but by the doctor who has a complete picture of the course of the disease before his eyes. The fact is that the fight against influenza weakens the body, and as long as the immune system fights the virus, another infection can collapse on a person, already a bacterial one.
There is a so-called post-flu complication. These include bronchitis, sore throat, otitis media, pneumonia and many other diseases. That's just against them, antibiotics are becoming the most appropriate means.In this case, a situation may well happen when antibiotics will need to be taken, when all the symptoms of the disease have long passed and the person is almost healthy.
Acceptance of antibiotics becomes necessary in order to completely destroy the bacteria attacking the patient, which otherwise may lie low in the depths of the body and, at the slightest immunological stress, begin their destructive action again.

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