Can you learn to write with your left hand if you are right handed?

If you are right-handed, you probably tried to write with your left hand at least once. Is it possible to learn this? And how to do it?

Is it possible to learn to write with the left hand right-hander?

It should be noted that a left-handed person is not a diagnosis and not a deviation, but a certain feature of the brain. In left-handers, the right hemisphere is much better developed, while in right-handers, the left. But is it possible to change the work of the brain? Quite, because this body is unique in general, and if it is developed, then it is possible to open more and more new opportunities. In addition, if you try, you can learn a lot, including writing a non-working hand, which is left-handed for right-handers.

Why do you need it?

Why should I learn to write with my left hand? First of all, for a diversified development. If both hemispheres of the brain work, then you can optimize your mental activity and become more successful, and in all areas of your life. By the way, left-handers who were retrained in childhood become more successful and educated, as statistics show.

To understand why you need to learn to write with your left hand, it is worth getting into the essence of the brain. The left hemisphere, which is more developed in right-handers, is responsible, respectively, for the right half of the body. But it also provides logical thinking, analytical skills, solving mathematical problems, memorizing letters and numbers, language skills, in general, everything that is commonly used in work and in training.

The right hemisphere, responsible for the left side of the body, is associated with creativity, intuition, imaginative perception and thinking, and the processing of non-verbal information. Without all this, of course, you can get along, but in the modern world, such qualities are particularly valued, since they allow you to stand out and look for non-standard solutions to problems.

And one more nice bonus that you get by learning to write with your left hand is universality. When injuries of the right hand, many literally "fall out" of life. They can not perform daily and professional duties, and some become virtually helpless. You can do everything with your left hand, without effort and quality.

How to study?

So, how to learn how to write with your left hand? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. First you need to prepare your left hand for active work. To do this, perform everyday simple actions with it, for example, hold cutlery, brush your hair, fasten buttons, wash dishes, wipe dust, and so on.
  2. Now you can go directly to the letter, or rather, to prepare for it. First of all, you should choose the most convenient tool for you. At first, it is best to use a simple pencil, which allows you to control the pressing force and not worry about ink stains and stains. In addition, it does not slide on the paper, so that you prevent involuntary movements. Then, when you notice the first positive results, you can start using the pen. It is advisable to choose a quality ball, as the gel is badly felt with your fingers and often leaves blots, and it is inconvenient and sometimes difficult to write poor quality.
  3. Now you need to correctly position the notebook. The left corner should be above the right, so that the hands are placed on the table correctly and do not get tired, and you were as comfortable as possible.But the angle of inclination should not be more than 40-45 degrees.
  4. Next, it is convenient to take a pen. Place it in your left hand just as you would in your right hand. But many left-handers place their fingers a little higher than right-handers, more likely, this will also seem to you a more suitable option. Do not squeeze the subject too much so that your fingers do not overstretch. Try to move the handle, all movements should be light and comfortable for you.
  5. Then you can try to draw with your left hand. This lesson will allow you to adapt and provide training, as well as deliver a lot of pleasure and laugh, not only you, but all households.
  6. Next, select the paper for writing. It is advisable to start writing in a prolinirovannoy or checkered notebook, to be able not to go beyond the lines.
  7. And finally, the letter itself. It is worth starting from the very beginning. Imagine that you are in first grade. First try to draw lines and squiggles, then more complex elements. Then start writing lowercase and uppercase letters of the alphabet. By the way, it is best to start with large ones in order to memorize all movements of the arm and strengthen the so-called muscular memory.Then gradually reduce the size of the letters, bringing it to normal.
  8. Just write. You can rewrite the famous works of the classics, articles from magazines, recipes and so on. You can also start to keep a personal diary, record funny cases, quotes or phrases you like. In general, you can write anything.

Some recommendations

Useful tips to help the right person learn how to write with his left hand easier and faster:

  • The older a person is, the harder it is for him to change his habits and learn new skills. Young people are given much easier, so it’s worth starting as early as possible. And it will be especially easy for a child to learn, so if you want your offspring to develop in different ways, then periodically ask him to write and perform other actions with his left hand.
  • Doing should be daily, otherwise you will not succeed. Enough to allocate at least 15-20 minutes a day, this will be quite enough.
  • Do not start training in a bad mood, you will not succeed if you are nervous and angry.
  • Be patient and don’t expect quick results. You are used to writing with your left hand and have been doing this for a long time, so it will be difficult to rebuild. At first, letters can be clumsy and uneven, and this is normal.While honing your skills, you will gradually improve your results.
  • When you learn to write beautifully in a spilled notebook, go to plain paper to hone your skills. Do not forget to follow the arrangement of lines. All letters and words must be on the same line.
  • Having learned to write with your left hand, actively use this skill in everyday life. But do not forget about the right hand, otherwise you will forget how to use it or you will feel awkward.
  • To entertain yourself and arrange a real workout for both hands, try practicing the so-called mirror letter that Leonardo da Vinci loved so much.
  • Develop your left hand dexterity to hone your skills. For example, you can throw and catch some items with it.
  • Try to learn how to juggle, it perfectly develops both hands and coordination of movements.
  • Do not overstrain your hand, let her rest.

Successes you in learning!

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