Capricorn-woman: a characteristic of the sign of the zodiac

Woman Capricorn lives in the present, dreaminess is not inherent to her. She is pragmatic and knows what she wants. Representatives of this sign achieve material well-being and help their chosen one to achieve career growth.

Woman sign description - Capricorn

About Capricorns, we can say that they are careerists and material wealth is very important for them. And it is. They save a lot of money to a lot of money, but not because of greed, but rather because of the desire to achieve financial independence.

Characteristics of women Capricorn
Famous woman Anastasia Volochkova - Capricorn by horoscope. Alexandra Savelyeva, Alena Vinnitskaya, Lara Fabian, Kate Moss and Renata Litvinova were also born under this sign.

Capricorns are purposeful natures. They are respected by colleagues, but rarely in the spotlight. Women are secretive, it is difficult for them to get close to people, so they have few friends. They are surrounded only by the closest and loyal friends.

In love, Capricorns carry rarely.Because of her shyness, a woman cannot express feelings towards the object of her desire. Even in marriage, she rarely confesses love to her husband.

With age, the Capricorn woman becomes only more attractive, but she doesn’t have a lot of boyfriends. She rejects many with her coldness and difficult temper. To penetrate the credibility of such a lady is not easy. She remains serious even when she falls in love. Does not forgive resentment and treason.

Despite career achievements, Capricorns dream of a happy marriage. To create a family, a woman chooses a financially secure and respectable man who has a certain status in society.

This is not a marriage of convenience, just Capricorn is planning its future. She herself strives for material prosperity and wants her elect to share her plans for the future.

Characteristics of women sign Capricorn
For the woman of Capricorn in the horoscope work and self-realization are in the first place.

Even in marriage, Capricorns remain closed. Due to the lack of intimacy in a couple, conflicts often arise. But spouses are arguing not only because of this. Women Capricorns are stubborn, they can not be convincing. As for housekeeping, they are excellent housewives, they easily cope with all matters, although they expect help from their second half.

Sexual horoscope woman Capricorn

In bed, her behavior is impossible to predict. Capricorn is tormented by contradictions, it is torn between desires and the possibilities to satisfy them.

Characteristics of the female zodiac sign Capricorn
Characteristics of a Capricorn woman indicates her restraint in intimate life

This woman is erotic and amorous, but at the same time strict in her appearance. Her passion often does not go outside, which is why many complexes are born.

When the desire accumulates inside her, she plunges into the head and seeks a partner for comfort. Capricorn amazes with ingenuity and temperament. Despite the fact that propriety is important to her, the thirst for sensation wins.

In family relationships, the horns of Capricorn are often transferred to her husband, although after each betrayal a woman repents and takes the path of correction. Over time, the thirst for pleasure takes precedence over restraint.

Who is suitable for Capricorn woman

Strong and long-term relationships are possible with such signs:

  • Aries. Union is strong. Capricorn supports Aries in an effort to provide family wealth. A woman is ready to sacrifice her career and become an adviser for her husband, directing him on the right path.She is a business partner for her man and an excellent housewife. Together they achieve a lot.
  • Capricorn. With a man of his mark, the union is also happy, despite the fact that both partners have been going on for a very long time to start a family. Capricorn is one of the most conservative representatives of the zodiac, it takes a lot of time to weigh the pros and cons. After the legalization of relations, it is one of the strongest unions. There is harmony and comfort in it, it is comfortable for spouses to live together.
  • Virgo. Marriage is very common. Both partners have almost the same characters and values ​​in life. Both Capricorn and Virgo are able to overcome difficulties, they are hardworking and succeed in life. Partners create a strong family in which there are no serious conflicts.
  • Scorpio. Perfect compatibility. The partners are united in their love for work, ambition and common interests. Union bright. It has romance, passion, jealousy and mutual understanding. But for the financial stability of the family is responsible woman.

A long-term alliance with Pisces is possible, but conflicts are not excluded. Mutual sympathy arises between Capricorn and Cancer; relationships are based on mutual respect.Because of the different views on life, a couple does not exist for long.

Who does not suit the Capricorn woman

Unsuccessful alliance with Leo, Libra and Aquarius. With the first representative of the zodiac strong marriages are very rare. But for friendship and cooperation Leo will do. Libra does not suit Capricorn for either family or companionship. They have too different characters.

The Capricorn woman, before marriage, is trying to build a career. She knows her own worth, so she will not connect her life with a gigolo. For the relationship chooses a wealthy man who will share her life values.

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