Carpet technology is a great way to put leftover yarn

Carpet sewing technique appeared in the Middle Ages, but gained its incredible popularity just a few years ago. This technique allows you to create exclusive things - rugs, panels, tapestries, bags, pillows and much more. In addition, the technique is so simple that even children can handle it.

For sewing in carpet technology, you will need a carpet canvas (thick mesh with square cells), remnants of colored yarn and a special hook with a foot (or needle). For the first time it is better to choose a picture with clear lines and put it on the canvas.

With the help of remnants of yarn and a hook, the pattern is transferred to the canvas.

The remains of colored yarn must be cut into equal segments of a length of not more than 5 centimeters.

As soon as the process is completed (that is, all the details are filled in), you can fix and trim the working thread on the wrong side.

With the help of carpet technology, you can create real works of art in just one evening.

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