Cat Cushion

For the manufacture of a decorative pillow in the form of a cat, you will need: - plaid fabric in beige shades, - one-piece synthetic winterizer and trimming, - a beige piece of felt, - black floss,
- beige thread for machine work, - household sewing machine, - scissors for cutting, - needle for handicraft, - safety pins, - chalk tailor. Before you cut the fabric, it should be ironed with steam or through a damp cotton fabric. The pillow consists of several main parts (dimensions are indicated in the cut, with an allowance MI for stitches): - cat torso combined with head - 2 pcs. (rectangle 35 * 25 cm with corners rounded at 6 cm), - front paws - 4 pcs. (rectangle 22 * ​​6 cm with a rounded edge), - hind legs - 4 pcs. (the same rectangle as on the front paws, but with a more widening rounded part with fingers), - tail - 2 pcs. (rectangle 22 * ​​6 cm with one rounded edge), - ears - 4 pcs. (size and shape are arbitrary, in accordance with the proportions of the pillow), - nose - 1 pc.(size and shape are arbitrary, cut out of felt.) Based on these dimensions, it is necessary to cut the details of the pillow by combining the cage and observing symmetry.
>img src="" alt="cat pillow" title="cat pillow">
Harvesting the body should be pinned with pins on the sintepon.
 pillow in the form of a cat
On a sewing machine, fasten the fabric and the synthetic winterizer auxiliary line oh at a distance of 5 mm from the cuts, remove pins.
 cat-shaped pillow
The details of the paws and tail should be folded in pairs, face inward and sewn along perimeter at a distance of 1 cm from the cuts, cut the seam allowances to 4 mm at roundings (this will make it easier to turn the parts).
 cat-shaped pillow
tail t cat
 cat's tail
 cat tail
cat-shaped pillow
cat paws
Prepared parts need to be turned on the front side, straightened roundings, filled with paddings of synthetic winterizer. Toes can be embroidered on the front paws.
 cat's paws

Ears also need to be prepared before installing the entire cushion. Cut out the details should be folded face-up in pairs and sew around the perimeter of a 7 mm seam. In one place the line should be torn off - through the hole the ears are turned on the face. in good form, good-looking to appease.
cat ears
 cat ears
 cat ears
On one of the blanks of the pillow should be decorated face the cat. To do this, you need to sew ears, sew a nose out of felt, embroider eyes, mustache and mouth with floss threads. Also at this stage, you need to tack up the paws and tail.
 cat-shaped pillow
Then you need to cover this part with the second one and pin both around the perimeter with pins.
pillow in the form of a cat
After that, you must give the machine line parallel to the external cut of the parts at a distance of 1 cm from them,leaving a hole in one place for turning the pillow.
 cat-shaped pillow
Turn off the finished pillow and fill it with pieces of synthetic winterizer, sew up the hole with hand-made hidden stitches .
 cushion in the form of a cat

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