Ekaterina Klimova: “I can forgive a lot for a man”

“I'm not sure that a woman mother should live according to my scheme. Tear off the child's chest and run somewhere forever. It happened in my life, and let it be the exception to the rule. And, of course, there are days and moments when hands are lowered, ”says a popular actress in an exclusive interview with Antenna.
- Katya, you are a wife, mother of four children, nevertheless, you manage to do a lot of acting, work in parallel projects ...
Ekaterina Klimova

“So I’m following the Horse’s horoscope, so I’m probably plowing like a horse — a lot.” But I do it with love. And the number of projects is not an end in itself. I strive for quality, I want to work where everything inspires you. True, this does not always coincide - one has to earn money ...

Photo: Dmitry Iskhakov, Bosco di Ciliegi style
- But then you do not regret? Do you have any failed stories?
Ekaterina Klimova

- To each his own. My diploma says “theater and film actor”, and I earn this profession I love, and I think that an artist should work in order not to be fermented, not conserved.

- Soon on NTV comes the series "Guardian" in which you play a major role. Is he from the category of those that inspired?
Ekaterina Klimova

- Yes. I used to come across different roles, but for the first time I play the role of a detective - such a modern Sherlock Holmes in a skirt. Our film is an adventure story, exciting. She's not really about love. The script was registered very well, I am an obedient artist and tried to complete all the tasks that were set for me.

- You were there filming with your husband, Gela Meskhi. Is it easier to work with a loved one or, on the contrary, more demands arise?
Ekaterina Klimova

- We are both professional people. At the site we try not to focus on personal relationships. Even the acting trailers were different for everyone, so that everyone could tune in to their role and their character.

Work in an interesting position

- In what other projects will viewers soon see you?
Ekaterina Klimova

- I am acting in the TV series “Torgsin”. The action takes place in Moscow in the 1930s, I play there an insanely interesting character — absolutely negative. This is a pronounced vamp, an intriguer ... Milady, in one word. Costumes, make-up - I like everything, just a gift to me. I bathe in this story.Next year, Alla Surikova’s film “Love and Sachs” will be released on the screens of cinemas, shooting and voice acting have already been completed. Do not believe it, I play the harpist. I had to master this instrument for two months in order to play George Gershwin’s Summertime. For some reason, Alla Ilyinichna was sure that I had musical skills, but I did not persuade her at the time of the trial, but at the end of the shooting she admitted that she had learned to play the harp from scratch. And it was not easy for me. True, ironically, this particular episode was cut out. Alla Ilyinichna explained that when she edited the film, she understood: this scene is not needed.

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- Did you still have to learn something on the set?
Ekaterina Klimova

- While working on my first film “Farewell to June” by Alexander Vampilov, I had to ride a horse. And I was in an interesting position (I was waiting for my first daughter Lisa), although I hid the pregnancy from everyone. She took riding lessons, trained for a long time, even fell from a horse ... But this episode was also cut out. Although glad that all the skills acquired at the shooting, stayed with me.

- You have about 60 roles. What was your heroin, and maybe they learned something from them?
Ekaterina Klimova

- There is a role that falls on your state of mind.You read the script and see a person in front of you who you’ve supposedly known all your life, but sometimes it’s the other way around - you don’t understand how to sculpt an image, what to tackle. This moment in the profession for me is the most interesting, when you start to get something out of yourself for your heroine. And when you are still lucky with interesting material, you get great satisfaction. Now I understand why artists used to be buried outside the fence of the cemetery. When you work on a way, as if from the air, there appears an otherworldly energy, which is not always controlled by you. I admit, if I get a role, then I can absolutely abstract and, as a spectator, watch my movie - cry and laugh, forgetting what happened to me on the set. Although to see their films rarely turns out, often only at the voice acting or at the premiere. There are, of course, exceptions: the film “We are from the future” is often shown on TV, and if I accidentally stumble upon it (I myself love this project), then I enjoy watching it.

- By the way, while working on this film you were pregnant with Matthew. Support from colleagues felt?
Ekaterina Klimova

- Of course, the human factor exists.But there are neither pregnant women nor children on the site - there are only artists. And if you came, you should understand that no one will lisp with you. And women in an interesting position on an equal footing with all work in night shifts until the morning. I remember it was already the 14th hour of work, but they did not finish a very important scene with my participation. Everyone understood that it was hard for me, but my favorite director Andrei Igorevich Malyukov said: “Katya, you need to work more, if you can.” And I, of course, stayed on the court.

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