Causes and symptoms of anorexia

Main symptoms of anorexia

The first sign of the development of a painful psychological state is the excessive enthusiasm for various diets and the fanatical adherence to each new weight loss advice read in a magazine or on the Internet. At risk include adolescents aged 16 years, models, participants of beauty contests, girls and boys, predisposed to thinness. In the latter, even a slight weight loss can already be regarded as anorexia. The task of relatives and friends is not to miss this first "call" and prevent the development of the disease.The most terrible cases of anorexia are presented in a model environment. 14-year-old Mayara Galvao Vieira, 21-year-old Hila Elmaliyah, 18-year-old Eliana Ramos and many others died from cardiac arrest as a result of monstrous exhaustion.
A body mass index below 17% is best indicative of the onset of anorexia nervosa.
Anorexics suffer from a constant feeling of hunger. They satisfy their need for food with frequent meals, and then artificially remove it from the body with the help of vomiting or taking laxatives. Until a certain point, patients keep the situation under control. At an early stage, they can still stop the development of the disease, but after the anorexic has passed the point of no return, the body ceases to resist and does not accept incoming food. Moreover, the very thought of eating causes anorexia to the victim.
At this stage, the struggle begins not with insufficient weight, but a struggle for life, since fail all systems of the body. First of all, the excretory and circulatory system suffers, and it is here that as a result of anorexia changes occur that are incompatible with life. Due to the large loss of potassium during the artificial induction of vomiting, the development of arrhythmia, hypotension and a stable decrease in body temperature are observed. On the part of the gastrointestinal tract, anorexies complain of heartburn, flatulence, constipation and abdominal pain.In 10% of cases, anorexia without appropriate treatment is fatal.Doctors call acute heart and kidney failure the main cause of death.
As a result of the elimination of fluids and nutrients from the body, as well as due to the fact that the beneficial nutrients cease to enter the body, the patient has dry mucous membranes, deteriorating skin, hair and nails. Attention should be paid to the sexual component of the life of a person who can be diagnosed with anorexia. First of all, patients lose interest in sex, girls experience a failure of the menstrual cycle or a complete cessation of menstruation. In men - impotence.
Individually, these symptoms may indicate an exacerbation of other diseases, but in aggregate they speak of the development of a terrible disease, which is sometimes difficult to stop. A few years ago, the organizers of fashion shows themselves provoked models to self-torture, reducing the bar of permissible weight. After a series of deaths and flaming scandals, the involvement of anorexic models in many countries is prohibited.Many celebrities in pursuit of getting rid of those extra pounds exhaust themselves with starvation. The most famous among them are Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Tara Reed and Lindsay Lohan.

Causes of cachexia and anorexia, risk factors

Causes of the development of cachexia can be very diverse: helminthiasis, fasting, radiation sickness, metabolic disorders (energy overrun, pathological increase in metabolism), etc. But, first of all, it is worth noting that more than half of cancer patients and people with AIDS fall ill with cachexia.
The causes of anorexia are different from the causes of cachexia, but it can be a consequence of cachexia. Most often, anorexic depletion is observed in cases of pathological adherence to thinness fashion trends. A distorted view of one’s appearance, in particular weight, often leads both women and men to the idea of ​​losing weight, even in cases where it is not necessary.The death of 38-year-old male model Jeremy Glitzer in 2010 shocked the entire fashion world. In just a few years, a handsome and energetic young man literally burned out from anorexia.
Physical exhaustion can be caused by various psychological factors: personal tragedies, the death of a loved one, discord in the family or with a lover, rape and other injuries.The risk group includes people with a genetic predisposition to low body mass, as well as those in whose family already have anorexia patients. In addition, alcoholics and drug addicts are at risk for anorexia.

Treatment of anorexia nervosa

Treatment consists of taking drugs that normalize the appetite, and force-feeding, along with the constant monitoring of the patient’s condition, to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized removal of food. In some cases, it is necessary to eliminate the concomitant disease, the cause of anorexia. At the same time prescribed medications that normalize the hormonal side of the disease - the restoration of menstruation, the functions of the endocrine system. The patient needs constant care, taking vitamins and minerals. However, the most important component in the treatment of this terrible disease is psychotherapeutic intervention.

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