Characteristics of men and women Lviv in the year of the Dog

Liana Raymanova November 9, 2017

Leo-Dog -bright and self-confident personwith the makings of leaders. He likes to attract the attention of others and skillfully does it, therefore, around such a person are often gathered large noisy companies. The representative of the combination of Leo-Dog has a strong character, which allows him to endure difficult life situations with minimal losses. Such people are not peculiar to depression, they do not move away from work, to relax and to understand themselves.

Lion Dog -strong and disciplined fighterwhose failures motivate for even more dedication. But the person representing these signs is not devoid of sensuality. He is emotional, sympathetic, generous. Do not tolerate injustice, even if it does not affect him personally.

Lion Dogs show themselves as responsible and reliable people who are always ready to come to the rescue at the right time

Despite the serious attitude towards life, the representatives of the described astrological combination are able to fully enjoy it, finding joy in simple everyday trifles. They almost neverdon't doubt yourself, have the determination and dedication. The influence of the zodiac horoscope empowers these people with self-confidence - Lions do not like being contradicted and always defending their positions to the bitter end.

Leo, born in the year of the Dog, is able to devote a great amount of time and effort to work. ithard workerputting a career first in the list of priorities. For the sake of promotion, he is ready for any sacrifice, but the loud voice of conscience does not allow him to grossly violate the principles of morality.

Due to the influence of the Chinese horoscope, the character of the characters in this article is complemented by a pronounced curiosity. Dogs constantly yearn for new emotions and impressions, so they love to travel. To do this, they do not necessarily have to go on a long trip to exotic countries, sometimes it is enough to walk through the park at the other end of the city. The main thing is to have diversity, and how to occupy your inquiring mind. Dogs will always find it.

Characteristics of men lions born in the year of the Dog

A lion born in the Year of the Dog is able to devote a great deal of time and energy to his work.

Lion Dogs are very happy to visit a variety of places, but at home everything should be stable. Representatives of this astrological combination is extremely difficult to move to a new apartment, even if it is carried out within the same locality. Moving to another city at all becomes a real tragedy for them - Lions Dogs painfully get used to an unfamiliar environment for a long time, feeling like strangers in their own home.

Characteristics of men lions born in the year of the Dog

Lion Dog is a reliable and decent man. Adventurism is not peculiar to him, this man is a moralist by nature. is hefair, responsive and good-natured, tries to always be honest and sincere. He expects the same from others and is often disappointed on this basis. Excessive trustfulness could become a dangerous weapon in the hands of the enemies of Leo-Dog. But the representatives of this sign are so powerful that no one ventures to get involved with them in conflicts.

Such men crave confidence in their surroundings, so they come close only to honest people.This also applies to the choice of the second half.. If a friend or girlfriend is at least once caught in a serious lie, it will jeopardize even the strongest relationship.With repeated repetition of the situation, the male dog will stop communicating, although it will suffer greatly because of this.

Imperfections of the mark

Lion Dog - reliable and decent guy

Born in the Year of the Dogs, the guy Leo is inclined to carefully think through all the important steps. He is emotional, but rarely does impulsive actions. The representative of this combination of those people whofirst think, and then do or say.

Dog Lions become careerists not because of the love of work. They crave financial well-being, because they can only feel comfortable in the midst of certain material goods. If a man of this sign has enough money, he may completely refuse to work in favor of a hobby or housekeeping.

A man who was born under the influence of the signs of the Dog and the Lion, with pleasure spending money on close people. He does not stint on gifts, can give his wife an expensive bouquet without a special reason. The beloved of this man will never walk in old, shabby things - the guy the Dog will not allow this.

For a man of this sign is important to take care of the material well-being of their children.

Many Dog Lions give birth to special bank accounts or save money for a happy future for posterity at home. A child of such a man will surely get a good expensive education.

Imperfections of the mark

The representatives of the royal sign are selfish and overconfident. The Lion Dog does not know how to work on the mistakes of his character and in most cases is not even able to recognize them. Hearing criticism, he will simply get angry and is unlikely to draw any useful conclusions. A weak chance to reach out to Leo will appear if you talk calmly and kindly, mixing a small amount of criticism into numerous compliments.

Another minus of Leo-Dogs is an excessive desire for leadership.

A man of these signs can emotionally suppress his spouse, limit her free space

Characteristics of women lions born in the year of the Dog

A woman representing a combination of signs of a dog-lion, verydoes not like loneliness. She tries to surround herself with many friends and girlfriends, so that there will always be someone to discuss the pain. At the same time, the Lioness herself often acts as a psychologist - she listens attentively to the interlocutor, can always support him with a kind word and effective advice.The character of the girl-dog can be described as strong, persistent, stubborn. But the kindness in it, too, is abundant.

In the list of priorities for this woman in the first place iscareer. Unlike male dogs, girls of this sign do not shun dishonest methods for promotion. And although the conscience of the Lionesses is very loud, it completely ignores the work intrigues.

Representatives of the combination of Sobaka-Lev in the service behave toughly and despotically, especially if they occupy a leading position. Houses tend to show the same qualities, which often upset their loved ones. Lioness-Dogs are very conflicting personalities who are not used to being silent in response to taunts or reproaches.

Characteristics of women lions born in the year of the Dog

The woman, representing a combination of signs Dog-Leo, does not like loneliness

At the heart of this behavior lies aggressiveness, but a heightened sense of justice. Girl Lion, born in the year of the Dog, does not forgive the abusers, preferring to give them according to their deserts. Sometimes she lacks softness and tact.

Women Dogs are well-run with finances. They are ablebudget, successfully invest savings and multiply them.Career in their lives plays the first violin only before marriage.

As soon as the Lioness-Dog acquires a family, immediately begins to give her almost all his free time.

She likes doing housework: raising children, creating a cozy atmosphere in the house.

Imperfections of the mark

Lioness-Dog is proud, selfish and straightforward. She does not know how to smooth out conflicts, but easily ignites them out of the empty little things - even a weak reproach at her address can be a reason for a serious scandal.

In family relationships, this woman will always try to take a position of excellence. She does not tolerate contradiction, eager to subjugate all the household. This minus is not so noticeable in Lvivtsy, occupying leading positions. Enough to command at work, they behave softer when dealing with family. Lion-housewives have nowhere to put their potential boss, and they bring him down on the heads of the household.

sign flaws

Lioness-Dog is proud, selfish and straightforward

Love compatibility of men and women Lions born in the year of the Dog

Lion dogs of both sexes are more career-oriented, but they are well aware of the need to create a family.To address this issue, as, indeed, any other, they are serious:long choose the right choice, show an enviable responsibility in the education of the younger generation. People of this combination are very fond of children and in most cases are happy about their appearance, even if it was not planned.

The man Leo, born in the year of the Dog, sees in love the main source of happiness. Having learned the joy of mutual feelings, he becomes cheerful and cheerful, with his head immersed in the maelstrom of love adventures. He likes to give gifts to his girlfriend, indulge her with romantic surprises and tender words. Doing nicely to the second half, Lion-Dog himself feels happy.

But you can’t call him the perfect elect. Men represented by the sign is very demanding, often set challenging or even impossible goals for their partner. At the same time, their freedom is anxiously guarded, without considering it necessary to make concessions for the sake of close people.

Lion-Dog is looking for a woman who will accept him with all the flaws and will not try to redraw the character of his beloved

In an intimate relationship, such a man manifests himself as an enterprising leader, it is usually not difficult for him to bring his partner to the “necessary condition”.The lion-dog is attentive and tender in bed with a lady, but sometimes forgets about her desires and focuses on hers. To direct it back to the right track, usually a little hint is enough.

Male Lion Dog will begreat spousefor a girl who will suit him by nature. Ideally, she should be attentive, calm and generous with praise. For the sake of such a chosen one, Leo-Dog is ready for almost anything.

The woman representing this astrological combination is also temperamental and loving. But to create a strong marriage for her is not easy. A proud Lioness will not allow anyone to push themselves around, she will always strive for leadership in relationships. Therefore, she needs a partner special, which can balance on the verge of equality.

Love compatibility of men and women Lions born in the year of the Dog

Dogs-Lions of both sexes are more career oriented

Having entered into marriage with such a person, the girl Leo, born in the year of the Dog, will become realguardian of the hearth. For the sake of the family, she will push the work into the background, although she is unlikely to be able to completely abandon it. But this is not needed - the Lioness-Dogs are very energetic, they have enough strength to combine household duties and careers.

Such women serve as a strong support for their husbands. They support the partner in all difficult situations, they can forgive almost any offense. But for adultery set up categorically and quickly sever relations in the event of such discovery.

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