Chemical hair straightening


Girls are amazing creatures. They always want to change. Those who wear curly hair, madly want to straighten it, the girls with straight - curl. Why is this happening? What are the ways to straighten hair? And are they safe?

Ways to straighten hair

Which of the girls does not want to get silky, smooth and shiny curls? Hardly such there. Curly hair is naughty, poorly stacked, and there are always problems with straightening. There are several popular methods to make hair smooth.

Hair dryer and hairbrush

For straightening this method will require a round comb and a powerful hair dryer with the ability to switch the temperature. Before starting the procedure, wash your head with shampoo. It is not necessary to squeeze the hair for a long time, lightly blot them with a towel and apply a special hair straightener. Spread it over the entire length. Turn on the hair dryer, put the comb under one of the strands and pull it away from the head.At the same time send a stream of air at her. The temperature should be comfortable for the scalp so that there is no burning sensation. Better make it lower, otherwise there is the likelihood of drying out and burning hair. This will worsen their structure, make it brittle and painful. Do this way with each strand, so as a result, straighten the entire hairstyle. Fix the resulting result with hairspray. This method is suitable for length of hair that does not reach the shoulders. Its main disadvantage is short duration. As soon as the hair gets into a humid environment, the hair will start to curl again and the hairstyle will deteriorate.

Chemical hair straightening

Agent with glycerin or silicone

This method is scrupulous, least effective, but also least harmful for the condition of the hair. The process will take a lot of time. It is even possible that the effect will be insufficient. But do not worry, the main thing is that your hair will remain whole and healthy. Wash your hair. Using shampoo for curly hair. It will give elasticity to curls, lightness and shine. Blot curls with a towel, apply a balm-conditioner, hold for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water. Blot again with a towel.Apply and spread over the entire length of the tool for hair with glycerin or silicone. Constantly smoothing your palms with hair from top to bottom completely dry them in this way. At first water will flow from them, and then they will dry up. Keep such a styling will not be long.

Iron or styler

The third method is the most popular among the rest. This is the use of ironing or styling. It is important that the instruments have a thermoregulation system and the coating is ceramic. This will not completely save your hair from problems, but will reduce the risk of serious injury to the surface of the hair.

The iron is suitable not only for girls with curls, but also for those who want to bring their curls to perfect condition

This device smoothes the surface of the hair, smoothes the split ends and bristling hairs. Separately take each strand and run along it with an iron until it becomes smooth, mirror-like. But first apply a special protective agent to your hair. It will protect the curls from damage by high temperatures. It can be milk, mousse, spray. When each strand is perfect, comb your hair with a comb with widely spread teeth.The method is not gentle, but it is less damaging to hair than the first version with a hairdryer.


This procedure is time consuming, takes 3 sessions. If you are the owner of thick and long hair, then most likely you will have to spend about 5-6 hours in the salon. Be patient. Hair changes the molecular structure under the influence of bio-smoothing. But forever this effect will not linger, the result will please 3-6 months.

Keratin straightening

Keratin straightening is similar to bio-smoothing, the results are similar. However, for keratin straightening using a different composition. As a result, you leave the salon with healthy, beautiful, smooth and shiny hair. The result is saved up to six months.

Chemical hair straightening

The last method is chemical straightening. This is the same chemistry that performs the role of "curlers", just the opposite. Previously, this procedure was extremely dangerous for the health of hair. As part of the means for permanent straightening of curls, a large number of chemicals were used, which not only made the strands perfectly smooth, but did not spare them.Cosmetology, like everything around, does not stand still, develops, there are new technologies that do not cause as much harm to hair as before. But this does not mean that chemical straightening is suitable for everyone. One will feel a stunning effect, the other will not. One will have an allergic reaction, the other will not.

How is the chemical straightening procedure

The chemical procedure of straightening curls keeps the result on your hair all your life. Naturally, in the process of root regrowth, it is necessary to maintain them and repeat the procedure every 2-3 months depending on the speed of regrowth. And the composition is applied only on the roots, but for the rest of the length - no.

For chemical rectification use 2 main substances:

Sodium hydroxide.
Ammonium Thioglycolate

The first tool is used for strong curls (springs). Its effect is this: it penetrates deep into the hair, opens the scales, the solution gets inside, smoothes the hair along the entire length. The more this substance, the greater the effect of straightening. But do not forget about the damage to hair.

Chemical hair straightening

The second substance is used for less twisted hair. It is not gentle, but it does not act so aggressively. Its action is similar with the first drug.

What to consider before straightening:

The chemicals in the mixture for straightening cause irreparable damage to the hair, so the procedure should be entrusted only to a professional hairdresser. He will assess the condition of the hair, their structure, maximum negative effects, time spent on the procedure, and other nuances.
If you have thin and weak hair, then choose a gentle method, and for steep curls will require a strong impact.
It is not necessary to straighten all the hair on the head completely. If necessary, select one or more sites that require this procedure. For example, bangs or the back of the head.
If you have recently conducted a perm procedure, and at the moment you wish to become a smooth-haired girl, you should not do so. The combined effects of chemicals will increase the doubly negative impact on curls. You risk being left without any hair at all.
Hair will require a special restorative course of procedures, which you can do at home, and in an armchair with a professional.
After the procedure, it is better to forget about the use of thermal devices: hair dryer, tongs, styler, etc. Drying hair after washing is carried out in a natural way without exposure to hot air. Combing wet hair is undesirable.

Chemical hair straightening

Straightening procedure

This procedure is carried out in several stages. At home, it’s better not to do it yourself, entrust it to a professional who will understand exactly what you and your curls need. Correctly restore the hair structure after the procedure, as much as possible reduce the negative impact.

As the basis for protecting the scalp from chemical burns is ordinary petroleum jelly. It is oily, it covers the skin with a protective film that does not allow chemicals to penetrate inside and break the structure of the skin. It is usually used when a strong rectifier is chosen. In the second case, petrolatum is optional.
Hair combed. For each individual strand is applied a means chosen in advance.
If the choice fell on ammonium thioglycolate, then you will need to pre-wash your hair with shampoo. If a second substance is used, then washing is not necessary.
A special protective agent in the form of a cream is applied on the hair itself, which helps reduce the negative impact on the curls. It is smeared with a brush. After that, they start the remedy itself, which is applied from the occipital part of the head.
After 15-20 minutes (on average), the product is rinsed with warm water without using shampoo. Water will need a lot, be patient and carefully wash the composition. After that, you should fix the result with a special tool. It will improve the effect of straightening and neutralize chemicals that are still on the hair.
The product is washed off with warm water, the hair is dried with a warm towel. You do not need to rub them with force, just blot the main moisture, and then proceed to the drying and laying.

Chemical hair straightening

Negative moments of chemical hair straightening

Burns to the scalp. You already know that Vaseline is needed to prevent this side effect. Before the procedure, talk with the hairdresser, ask if he is going to use it. If he refuses it or says that this measure is useless, run away from such a “professional”.Remember, your health is more important!
Hair like straw. Such a result will come out if the master has overdone the mixture on his head.
Strong hair loss. This is the most common side effect of chemical straightening curls. Hair is weakened, they are impregnated with harmful substances. They need special care, nutrition, vitamins. Always use oil masks every other day. For this fit: olive oil, burdock, almond oil, peach oil, etc. Drink a course of vitamins aimed specifically at the skin, hair and nails, eat vegetables and fruits.

Eat enough vegetable oil with food, nuts, avocados, omega-3 rich fish.

The problem will be solved with time!
Allergic reaction. If you have not suffered from allergies, this does not mean that it can not be at all. Tell the master, if any, tell us which substances. If you did not suffer from this disease, check in advance by applying a remedy on top of Vaseline on the delicate skin of the arm. If you do not use Vaseline, a burn will occur, remember!
Harm to health. In fact, the harm is caused not only to the hair, but to the whole body.Each person is individual, so it is not known what reaction to substances will follow you. Of the possible: dizziness, nausea and headache, dry mouth, cough and runny nose, etc. This is a response of the body to the introduction of harmful chemical elements into it.
Price. If you chose a decent salon, a professional hair care master, then this procedure will not come cheap. She will hit the family budget. If you want a long-term and reliable result, do not be stingy. Remember, the miser pays twice.

Beauty requires sacrifice, but before performing chemical straightening of hair, compare the positive aspects of the procedure with the negative effect on the body. And after that, decide whether to do it or not.

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