Chic wedding hairstyle with a diadem (9 photos)

Most women dream of being princesses. The fabulous image in which the girl is always beautiful, rich and most importantly, loved. The princess is impossible not to love, because she is so beautiful. We are brought up on good fairy tales with such princesses. Growing up, we want the fairy tale to become reality for at least one moment. And this moment comes. "When?" You ask. The answer is obvious: a woman becomes a real princess on her wedding day.

There are a lot of troubles with the wedding, you have to manage to do so many things. But, all organizational problems fade before the dazzling beauty of the bride. Her image must be perfect. After all, finally came the most important day in the life of a princess. Therefore, it is important to think over all the details: from the magic shoes to the diadem. We will dwell on this interesting accessory.


Everyone remembers that the crown has always been a symbol of royal power. Such an ornament on the head is always associated with greatness, power and involvement in great people. A tiara is certainly not a crown, it has a smaller size.But, after all, for the wedding image and do not need bulky jewelry.

For the first time it began to be worn in ancient Greece. The Greeks always differed in their love of jewelry. They liked this accessory, as it is shaped like a wreath. And in those days, a person wearing a wreath was considered special. The tradition of wearing a wedding crown also began in ancient Greece. The greatest goddess Hera, the patroness of home, family and comfort, always wore her. So the girls began to wear it at the wedding ever since.

By the way, in ancient Rome, the diadem was worn mostly by men. Girls were allowed to wear it only on the day of marriage. And now, for more than 200 years, this accessory has not gone out of wedding fashion.

Which one to choose

Any, it all depends on your desire, image, dress. The selection of modern crowns is simply luxurious. They differ in shape and size. Designers make them of gold, silver and cheaper materials. Crowns can be decorated with rhinestones, pearls, beads and real diamonds. The main condition in order to choose the right one is its combination with the general wedding image. And the rest, choose any tiara that you liked.

Wedding options

In order for a wedding hairstyle with a diadem to beautify you, it is necessary that it be done by a good master. A wedding is a long event and if the diadem is simply stuck into your hair, then after a couple of hours you will have a lot of sticking hair on your head. And this will naturally spoil the mood not only for the bride, but for everyone around him.

The tiara can be worn no matter what your hair is. A stereotype is known that you can not wear this accessory on short hair. We want to say that the tiara can be beautifully put on even on the shortest hair. Just to make it look beautiful, you will have to find a competent professional.

Deciding to use a tiara in a wedding image, think carefully about how it will be combined with a dress and other decorations. Here are some guidelines:

  • If you have a simple dress, without bright color elements, without an abundance of rhinestones and stones, then you can afford a bright hairstyle with a chic diadem. The more stones there are, the better.
  • She should not push. Otherwise, in a couple of hours you will die from a terrible headache, and the holiday will be spoiled.
  • Tiara looks gorgeous with a long bang.Pay attention to this.
  • This accessory must be securely and imperceptibly fastened.
  • Buying a tiara is better in the same store as the dress. So you will have more chances to find a single image.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a selection of different wedding hairstyles. We hope that you will find the one with whom you will be a real princess at your wedding.

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