Chris Pratt and Anna Faris divorced, but did not cease to be friends

"Chris and Anna were always first and foremost best friends, and then already beloved," a source told People magazine. - Therefore, they can easily support each other, even though their eight-year marriage is over. And in matters of educating Jack, they think the same way: Anna and Chris adore the little son and will not let him worry because of the parents' divorce. "

Publication from Chris Pratt Fanpage ❤ (@ prattsquad.arg)Aug 28, 2018 at 2:14 pm PDT

It is possible that the ease in the current relationship between Chris and Anna is also because, almost immediately after the break, they plunged into their new novels. Faris is now happy with production director Michael Barrett, and Pratt spends all her free time with her daughter Arnold Schwarzenegger Catherine, and even Anna approved the girl’s candidacy.

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