Christina Aguilera married in Venice

In 2014, Christina Aguilera announced an engagement: her fiance, producer Matt Rutler, after three years of a relationship, made her an offer in the Hawaiian Islands (and even came up with the design of the wedding ring). Six months after that, the couple had a daughter Summer Rhine, but the singer did not hurry to marry her lover, postponing the solemn ceremony for later - which, according to sources, brought Matt a lot of anxiety. On one of the anniversaries, he even gave her an ultimatum: either relations go to a new, official level, or they are threatened with parting! Now, apparently, there is nothing to worry about for Ratler: Christine and Matt have recently got married, and not just anywhere, but in the city of all lovers - Venice.

The lovers made a secret trip to Italy this fall, as soon as Christina had a free week in her work schedule and did not make any statements in the press - as a friend of Christina told, they wanted to enjoy the long-awaited new status of husband and wife without fanfare.A great wedding for friends and loved ones Matt and Christina decided to postpone until spring, but in the meantime they exchanged rings and took vows to each other during specially organized riding on gondolas - following the example of George and Amal Clooney, who also chose Venice for their marriage three years ago.

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