Church holiday November 2



SADCH Sacred Murano was the Bishop of the Persian Region. When the Persian king Sapor learned that Zadok was preaching faith in Christ, he ordered him to be arrested and imprisoned in a dungeon and with him 128 Christian believers. For several months the righteous were tried to be persuaded to renounce the holy faith, but without having achieved this, they were executed. It happened in the first half of the IV century.



The Holy Great Artem Artem was one of the outstanding military leaders during the reign of Equal-to-the-Apostles Tsar Constantine the Great, and then his son and successor, Constance. Artemy had many awards for excellent service and courage, was put by the governor of Egypt. In this position he did much to spread and strengthen Christianity in Egypt. Constance replaced Julian on the throne. The apostate emperor, wishing to return paganism, waged an implacable struggle against Christianity, sending hundreds of Christians to death. In Antioch, he ordered the torture of two bishops who did not want to renounce the faith of Christ.At this time, Artemy came to the city and publicly denounced Julian of iniquity. Enraged, the Apostate subjected him to cruel torture, then threw him into prison. During the prayer, Christ appeared to him and strengthened him in faith and suffering: "Be brave and rejoice - you will be with Me in My Kingdom." The next day, having met Artemy’s resolute refusal to recognize the pagan gods, Julian again resorted to torture. The ascetic endured all without a single moan. He predicted to Julian that he would soon receive a just retribution for the evil he had inflicted on Christians. The apostate became furious and resorted to even more cruel tortures, but they did not break the will of the martyr, and then Artemy was beheaded. His remains were buried by Christians. And soon his prophecy came true about the death of Julian the Apostate. He went with the army of Antioch to fight the Persians. Near the city of Ctesiphon he was met by an old Persian, who promised to betray his compatriots and was taken by a guide to the army of Julian. The old man deceived the Apostate and led an army into impassable places where there was neither water nor food. Hunger and thirst, the Greco-Roman army of Julian was forced to enter into battle with the fresh forces of the Persians.During the battle, the Renegade was mortally wounded by an invisible hand, an unseen weapon.

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