Classic lights

Today, various lighting options are used to illuminate streets, parks, highways and pedestrian sidewalks. In particular, for street lighting, it is customary to use classical, park and landscape lighting. Each of these options has its own characteristics and advantages.

Features of classic lights

Classical lamps are lighting devices intended for bright illumination of yards, streets and roads. Such devices, as a rule, are installed on masts or light columns. For reliable and safe operation of street lights lighting poles, as a rule, are made by cast iron.

As for the variants of classic lamps, at present it is customary to use streetlights or spotlights for street lighting. In the first case, lighting devices are used to illuminate fairly large areas. But the spotlights are necessary to illuminate any particular object.For example, they are used to illuminate the territories of supermarkets, car parks and recreation areas.

Features of park lights

The main purpose of park lamps is lighting of pedestrian and bicycle paths in parks and squares. In addition, these light sources are used to illuminate homestead plots and gardens. A special feature of park lamps is the fact that they carry not only a practical, but also an aesthetic function. Given this, park lights must meet all modern aesthetic requirements. It is worth noting that the operation of such lanterns is usually based on fluorescent, LED or energy-saving lamps.

Features of landscape lights

Landscape lighting - a new kind of lighting, recently gaining great popularity. The main task of such light sources is architectural lighting of houses and other structures. The main feature of landscape lights is the use of low-voltage connection. This feature allows you to safely lay the cable in the ground.The probability of an electric shock is reduced to zero.

Decorative lamps are also used to decorate the landscape. Such lighting devices, above all, perform the function of decoration. Nevertheless, they must be moisture resistant, as safe and resistant to the effects of various external factors.

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