Cleaning in Moscow

I work as an office manager in Moscow. We already had a not very good experience with one cleaning company, so I am looking for a reliable and proven service. Can you advise something? Naryla on the Internet information about cleaning offices, what can you say about this company Or advise something else.


As if here on the forum everyone is familiar with the services of cleaning ... Read reviews on the Internet. Ask a question on the service question / answer. I think so you will respond faster.

So you call or contact the support service on the cleaning site and ask them all the questions of interest. And now there are many cleaning companies and not all are bona fide, so you need to carefully choose.

We somehow turned to one cleaning company, but unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the company, but we were satisfied with the services if I remember to write.

After the repair, there is also a lot of construction waste. Husband found a company that carries out garbage collection container 8 m3 in Moscowhttp://msk-musor.ruWe want to contact them. You can also order from them the removal of all the garbage that has accumulated in the office.

Hello, I can recommend you to order a young lady, you will relax and receive a storm of emotions that will allow you to achieve a lot of new things, I last ordered it through this service ( Everything went just great, I got so many unforgettable emotions that it is just beyond words, I advise you to try it for everyone.

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