Close the curtains! Neighbors outraged naked couple

33-year-old Karin Stone and her 34-year-old husband Jay Jay were stunned when they received a strange note in which the neighbors rudely condemned them for not curtains when they changed their clothes.

The British family couple lives in the city of Newcastle. Karin is a manager in the office, and her husband is a DJ. Once, when the girl returned from work, Jay showed her a note that someone had hung them right at the front door. The couple suggested that the message was left to them by older people from a nearby house.

Photo: @ karin.chapman.3

The note was a request that the couple used curtains and did not sparkle with naked bodies in front of the windows:

Could you please close your curtains when you dress or undress. We are tired of seeing your naked priests

A rough note of the really angered Stone. After all, there was also a warning in her that the matter would not be limited to one letter: “We will continue to inform both of you about your indecent behavior.”

Jay was perplexed: “What the hell, why does anyone even look in my windows!” Karin showed mildness, saying that if the neighbors knocked on the door and expressed their remarks personally, she might even have apologized.

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