Coffee Pumpkin Parfait with Rum and Orange

Photo: Lena Moskalenko
Pumpkin (butternut varieties)600 gramsMascarpone300 gramsCream 33% fat200 millilitersOrange2 piecesPowdered sugar100 gramsRum (gold)50 millilitersInstant coffee2 tsp.
For filing
Nuts (crumb)
  • Servings:
  • Flow temperature:Chilled Dish
  • Occasion:Halloween

Yes, parfait - the dessert is cold and incredibly good on hot days. However, if you add a little coffee, pumpkin and rum, then at the exit you will meet quite a warming and invigorating cup, which add in the fall of its delicious colors. On the eve of All Saints' Day, Chelyabinsk food-blogger and journalist Lena Moskalenko cooked pumpkin specifically for Woman’s Day and offers to taste everything from a Moroccan snack to an exquisite French dessert.

Cooking method:

Wrap pumpkin with foil, bake, cool and peel.

With orange peel, squeeze out the juice, divided into two parts.

Pumpkin pulp mixed with orange peel, add one part juice, 50 g of powdered sugar and instant coffee - heat the mass until the coffee crystals dissolve. Cool, beat and add rum.

In mascarpone pour orange juice and cream, add icing sugar - beat in a fluffy mass.

Lay the parfait in a la carte glasses in layers, alternating between cheese-creamy and pumpkin-coffee masses, sprinkle with nut crumb dessert, decorate with wafer tubule. Before serving keep in the fridge.

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