Cold treatment with traditional methods and pharmaceutical preparations

The modern social world in order to achieve personal success requires high productivity and lightning reaction. But diseases that adversely affect all areas of life, prevent to become successful and happy.

One of these diseases is the common cold, which, with seeming simplicity, turns a dynamic life into a loss of working capacity and a prolonged deterioration of health. Accumulated experience and advanced medicine offer effective ways to recover at home and restore health in a short time.

Preparation and precautions

Consider that flu can be easily confused with a cold and instead of recovering, get serious complications. Do not recommend treatment at home for pregnant women and small children. Any infection without qualified medical care can be fatal. Some people, instead of outpatient treatment, suffer diseases on their feet, which leads to loss of health and the appearance of complications.It is important at the first signs of a viral or bacterial infection to seek the advice of a doctor and be fully treated.

Why do we catch cold

The cause of respiratory diseases is a pathogenic virus that has entered the cells. In a healthy organism, the infection is imperceptibly destroyed by immunity, but in a weakened one, it rapidly develops and spreads, causing all known colds. The catalysts of the process are hypothermia, reduced immunity, vitamin deficiency and other factors that cause the weakening of protective functions.

Symptoms in adults and children

At the onset of the disease, the person feels general weakness. Gradually develop such symptoms as a runny nose, headache, sweating, choking in the throat. Sometimes redness appears on the mucous membrane, and herpes on the lips and in the nose. The condition worsens along with the rise in temperature, which sometimes reaches 39.9 ° C. Depending on the general condition, the symptoms may be combined or not at all.

How to cure a cold in adults

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The number and combination of drugs vary depending on the state of health, but the principle of treatment is always the same.Prescribe drugs that affect the virus, support the body, stop the symptoms.

Folk methods

  • Tea with lemon, honey, currants or raspberries. Drink in a freshly prepared form throughout the disease.
  • A mixture of grated garlic and honey 1: 1. Take 1 tbsp. l. three times a day.
  • Cocktail from hot milk, honey, vanilla, allspice, cinnamon. The mixture is brought to a boil, insist two hours, drink throughout the day.
  • Mulled wine. In 1 liter of sweet red wine add a little cloves, sugar, sweet pepper, honey, sliced ​​apple, pieces of lemon, nutmeg. The mixture is brought to a boil, insist 25 minutes, take in the form of heat to improve.
  • Vodka with red pepper. Eat half a pod of red hot pepper and wash down with 50 ml of warm vodka or make a tincture with pepper.


  • Antiviral - Tamiflu, Relenza, Amiksin, Arbidol.
  • Antipyretic, analgesic - "Ibuprofen", "Paracetamol."
  • Multivitamins - vitamins of group A, B, C, D, E.
  • Throat antiseptics - “Oralsept”, “Gramidin”, “Septolete”, “Ingalipt”, “Strepsils”.
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Treatment of children

Methods of treating colds in children vary depending on the physiological characteristics and age. Sometimes, what helps an adult can harm a one-year-old child. This need to know when using drugs.

Folk remedies

  • Sweatshops - warm tea with honey, viburnum, chamomile, lemon, wild berries, linden or milk with honey (in the absence of allergies).
  • Against the common cold - warming the feet, washing the nose with saline.
  • Inhalation of 0.9% saline.

Mixtures and tablets

  • Antiviral - “Anaferon”, “Aflubin”, “Engystol”.
  • Antipyretic - Paracetamol, Ibuprofen.
  • Multivitamins - vitamins of group A, B, C, D, E.
  • Throat antiseptics - Oracept, Hexoral, Chlorophyllipt, Septolet.
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Is it possible to recover in 1 day

The treatment does not take much time, but sometimes it is not even his, so a way was created to recover in one day. If you adhere to this principle, the virus will be destroyed at the stage of the first symptoms. As soon as suspicions appeared, the first symptoms or there was contact with a sick person, the following steps should be performed.

  1. Drink antiviral drug. Dosage is selected individually, depending on age and physiological characteristics. Details can be found in the instructions.
  2. Receiving multivitamins, antipyretic, antiseptic drugs. Bed rest, healthy food, plenty of drinks, including warm tea with lemon are necessary.

It is desirable to make inhalation with saline and hot foot baths with the addition of mustard powder. For irrigation therapy, you can use a solution of sea salt, decoction of chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus, but only at body temperature below 37.3 ° C. Hot foot baths are carried out twice a day at body temperature up to 37.8 ° C. In the water you can add sea salt, listed herbs.

As a result, the symptoms will stop developing, and the virus will be almost destroyed. But this will happen only when a person has good health. If the body is weakened or there is a chronic disease, treatment so quickly does not help.

How to quickly and effectively be treated during pregnancy

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The main principle - do not harm the developing fetus, so the use of most antiviral drugs and procedures is unacceptable.Before starting treatment, you should consult your doctor! You can not take medication, soar legs, do inhalation. Antiseptic preparations can be used in the form of throat and nose spray.

When the process is acute, antipyretic and multivitamin preparations are permissible. You can drink tea with lemon, honey, currants, raspberries, use cough lozenges with natural ingredients. All drugs that are bought in a pharmacy should be allowed and safe for pregnant women.


Passive prophylaxis is carried out throughout life. To do this, adhere to a healthy lifestyle, play sports, eat healthy food, follow the daily regimen. Active prophylaxis is carried out in the cold season, when the probability of infection with a viral infection increases. To do this, make seasonal vaccinations, take in prophylactic doses of antiviral drugs, multivitamin complexes, immunomodulators.

Useful tips and interesting information

Cold treatment is effective if you follow the rules and comply with the requirements of the doctor. Any conscious or unconscious deviation from the course leads to the spread of the virus, weakening the body, deteriorating health.

The generally accepted rules are based on the experience of people who have recovered, so they are effective. Self-medication or the use of ineffective means leads to the appearance of complications.

A cold on the lip or nose

Reducing the protective functions of the body, under the influence of a viral infection, causes the appearance of herpes on the skin around the lips or on the nose. It is easy to eliminate with the help of antiviral pills and ointments that affect the herpes virus, in combination with traditional medicine methods.

Apply products based on natural ingredients, herbs to the affected surface. Often used for this honey, toothpaste, broths of chamomile or marigold, oak. Apply for cauterization alcohol tinctures of herbs, propolis, even Corvalol.

What methods are best not to use in home treatment

Some methods are dangerous, may even harm the body. Do not recommend the use of potent, antiviral, painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics without a prescription. The most effective way is traditional medicine and simple cold medicine.

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Timely prevention and effective treatment of folk remedies, along with medications, will prevent or quickly eliminate the disease.

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