Compact and natural interior in Taipei

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Located inTaipei, Taiwan,this compact family home is only33 square meters in size, but despite its compact size, it still managed to keep the aesthetic space open thanks to an innovative approach. - vertical architecture. The design ofFolk Designimplemented the project of this creative house in response to the wishes of a young family about the simple and effective organization of living space.

It's amazing what innovations can be implemented on such a limited "canvas"! If you are looking for inspiration in your pursuit of minimalism, or just want to get maximum functionality from a limited space, then this magnificent design project will be like a breath of fresh air for you.

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# 1

Large panels of plywood, very characteristic of giving warmth and organicity to the internal walls, while bright white walls and ceilings give an atmosphere of clarity and openness.

# 2

The design of the space project requires competent and careful study to make more convenient the close arrangement of the rooms - the bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen within reach of the arm.

# 3

Due to the limitation of 33 square meters, partitions and floors cannot remain as elements of the same purpose. Every detail of the interior assumes a secondary unique function.

# 4

Cosmic compactness takes amazing forms. Pay special attention to the wooden path along the left side and compare with the following picture:

# 5

The dining table lifts straight from the floor, and the other part of the floor turns into a bench, thanks to additional recesses in the niche. The low window is located at the ideal height for this place.

# 6

A folding table also serves as a great place to work, learn, or read.

# 7

A cute pattern on a set of dishes implements the necessary minimum for decorating the space.

# 8

A mobile staircase provides easy access to high shelves and cabinets, and also helps access a higher vantage point from which people can relax, read or dream.

# 9

Without creative architectural solutions, this incredibly compact project would feel too restrictive in nature.

# 10

These high places create a great way to visually avoid the concept of walls and borders, offering a completely clear view with unlimited potential for fantasy.

# 11

With such an innovative and well-executed layout, the interior does not look limited at ground level.

# 12

Decorative touches remain simple and seamless at all times. This lamp from the designers of the studio: "Kimu", part of a new collection: "New Old Life".

# 13

Ferns and tillandsy plants provide air purification in the room. In combination with lightweight plywood, these green spaces bring in bright and vibrant life.

# 14

Plywood also has the advantage of warming the aesthetic perception of interiors in the evening and at night - cozy and comfortable, as it should be.

# 15

Adjustable louvers provide additional privacy flexibility. They can be opened at the top or bottom to provide an infinite number of configurations.

# 16

See how uncontrollably fun these elevations can be realized.

# 17

Despite the fact that the living quarters are not separated by anything except the wall panels, the bedroom still gives a feeling of quiet and private life.Lots of storage systems above and next to the bed eliminate the need for extra furniture.


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