Compare what our and French actresses look like.

Catherine Deneuve or Marianna Vertinskaya? Emmanuel Bear or Ingeborg Dapkunayte? We choose which of the star divas of the same age looks better.

Many are accustomed to consider French actresses as the most beautiful in the world cinema. But, in our opinion, Russian celebrities may well compete with them. See photos confirming this fact.

Catherine Deneuve and Marianna Vertinskaya, 74

Catherine Deneuve
Photo: Getty Images
Marianna Vertinskaya
Photo: Ekaterina Tsvetkova /

On account of Catherine Deneuve - more than 100 films. Marianna Vertinskaya - about 30. But both actresses are in demand both in their home country and abroad. In addition, both at the peak of their careers and now they are considered the most beautiful women of our time. And over the years, their charm and charisma do not diminish at all. Just see how these divas look great in their 74 years. And how they dress! It seems that Deneuve and Vertinskaya are vivid examples of howthat even with the presence of grandchildren, you can look like a real woman, to whom all the men around are still looking and admiring.

Marion Cotillard and Elena Zakharova, 42

Marion Cotillard
Photo: Getty Images
Elena Zakharova

It’s hard to believe that Marion Cotillard is 42 years old. And it's not just the absence of wrinkles or any other age-related changes, but in fervent eyes and a sincere smile that give the face a younger look. However, in no way inferior to the beauty of the French and our actress Elena Zakharova.

By the way, it unites two stars and another interesting fact. Both became moms at a rather late age. Cotillard gave birth to her first child, son Marcel, at 36 years old, and the second, daughter Louise, at 41. While Zakharova was also pleased with the news of the replenishment of the family last year, when she was 41 years old. She had a girl whose name is still kept secret.

Maybe the long-awaited motherhood is the secret of youth Marion and Helena?

Sophie Marceau and Lydia Velezheva, 51

Sophie Marceau
Photo: Getty Images
Lydia Velezheva
Photo: Anatoly Lomokhov /

Frenchwoman Sophie Marceau is not only an actress, but also a film director and singer. Our Lydia Velezheva, in addition to acting, also tries herself as a TV presenter, and is also a public figure. But both are incredibly similar to each other in appearance.And they look exactly 10 years younger than their real age. Surprisingly, but they and birthdays go after each other. Sophie was born on November 17, and Lydia - on October 2. It is difficult to argue, but it is likely that there are some similarities in the characters of Marceau and Velezhevoy. At least, these women always look very restrained and meek, but at the same time independent and self-confident.

Adel Ekzarkopulos and Aglaya Shilovskaya, 24 years old

Adel Ekzarkopulos
Photo: Getty Images
Aglaya Shilovskaya
Photo: Vadim Tarakanov /

The title of one of the youngest and most promising actresses in France rightfully belongs to Adele Ekzarkopoulos, who for her 24 years managed to win the Golden Palm Branch award at the Cannes Film Festival for the film Adele Life. Also, despite her young age, the girl managed to twist a serious romance with rapper Doom and last year to give him a son Ismael.

But in the Russian show business there is someone to be proud of. For example, Aglaya Shilovskaya, who, like Adele, is also 24 years old. And, by the way, our actress also has awards. For her role in the film "... in the style of JAZZ," she earned the Natalia Gundareva prize Moscow Premiere.Aglaya has not yet become a mother, but has already married the actor of the Vakhtangov Theater Fyodor Vorontsov.

Audrey Totu and Ekaterina Guseva, 41

Audrey Tautou
Photo: Getty Images
Ekaterina Guseva
Photo: Yavorskaya Yana /

Audrey Tautou is currently considered one of the most sought after actresses in France. And, perhaps, only in her filmography has so many bright works. What are her roles in “Amelie”, “The Da Vinci Code”, “Coco do Chanel”, “Tenderness”, “Foe days” ... projects like “Brigade”, “From 180 and higher”, “Yesenin” ...

Also in the gallery below, we compared two Bond girls - FrenchBerenice Marloand Russian, albeit living in Europe or America,Olga Kurylenko.And also noticed thatEmmanuel Bear and Ingeborg Dapkunayte, andVanessa Paradis and Elena Ksenofontovalook a few years younger than their age. However, as well as some of the sexiest actresses of our timeLetitia Casta and Ekaterina Klimova.

In addition, we found similarities FrenchLei Seydouxand Russian womenElizabeth Boyarskaya. And it is, above all, in their current popularity.

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