Computer Day: Holiday History

The history of the holiday
Surely almost all people on the planet know about the date of February 14, when Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world. However, there is another unofficial holiday, which is celebrated by many professionals in their field - a computer programmer day. Most likely, you hear about this holiday for the first time. In 1946, the scientific world shocked the discovery: there was a demonstration of the real work of the first electronic computer ENIAC I. Basically this computer was designed for use only for military purposes, as the sponsor of its creation was the American army. But it really was a world discovery that deserved its own separate celebration. Since all previously assembled computers were only prototypes and experimental variants, ENIAC I was the first computer that actually performed practical tasks.
Initially, this technique was created for the calculation of army ballistic tables.In the numeral departments conducting these calculations, a lot of people worked, who later became known as Army Calculators. And, by the way, thanks to ENIAC I, modern computers now use the binary number system. This computer worked almost a day. Subsequently, it was still dismantled, but it was the basis, a kind of basis for the development of future technology.
Celebration of the computer day today
The modern community celebrates this day not only in the army, where this computer was used for the first time, but also in all areas of activity in which computer technologies are now used. From year to year, the consumer receives for his use a lot of new technological developments in the communication field of communications; every second person every day requires the help of engineers, system administrators, programmers and typesetters. Chips, algorithms, antivirus programs and settings are used. That is why the celebration is held almost everywhere, because computers are used everywhere in human life.
The computer today is not a wonder, and even it cannot be called a luxury either, but rather, it is a necessity. And accordingly, the number of workers who serve this unit is increasing. And in conclusion, I want to say, as Laub Gabriel said: "The computer has the advantage over the brain that they use it."

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