Congratulations to classmates on March 8

Congratulations to classmates on March 8Only in our article you will find the largest selection of poems and comic greetings on March 8 for girls. If you want to please and pleasantly surprise your classmates, our article will be interesting to you. A huge selection of congratulations on March 8 only with us. Comic poems, beautiful wishes for every taste for the most demanding readers. It is very easy to make a holiday, it is enough just to take care and set aside some time to choose the right scenario. In what style to hold a solemn event to choose for you, it all depends on how warm and friendly the attitude in your class. Also on our site you will find beautiful

Congratulations on March 8 in verse

My dear, cute girls!
I want to congratulate all of you. How to start like this ...
On the eighth of March, little hands stretch,
To each of you to hug the waist.
I want to congratulate everyone without exception
With the international holiday of girls!
And wish love and tumultuous entertainment.
You are all in our class - an invaluable treasure!


Spring happy holiday to you,
Your beloved ones are our classmates!
Let the sun warms you with rays
Let the snow melt from the congratulations!
Let them invite the guys out on dates,
Love, smiles and charm!

Dear classmates,
Happy Spring Day!
My lovely naughty girls,
May all dreams be fulfilled!
Let Pyaterochka you put,
For beautiful eyes,
Let the guys all like you,
They can't do without you!


March 8 every year
We congratulate the girls.
Lots of happiness and smiles
With all our heart we wish.

To study on the top five,
To please the eye.
So that you bloom like mimosa
We wish for you!

Congratulations to classmates on March 8


March 8 wish
I girls of beautiful days,
That the sun always shines
And outside the window the nightingale sang!

Boys, so as not to offend,
For braids, so as not to pull,
Although without it, I know
They could not live!

It's not because of anger,
And from boyish love,
After all, how not to pull, if the tail,
Himself and asks - pull!

Briefcases to help you
Guys to the house to carry,
And please do not forget
And they dedicated poems to you!

Every year you are more beautiful,
Classmates - like dreams,
You are love, our friends,
I wish you happiness with the warmth of spring.

Let love spring power
He carries you all in his arms,
Let each one be sweet
To live from happiness in the clouds.

Only this way, and not otherwise,
Weasel, tenderness, warmth,
To live luxuriously - with a villa, a dacha,
In the world of light and good.


International Women's Day

We wish you happiness,

Let them bypass you

Diseases and bad weather!

Congratulations to classmates on March 8

You, without a doubt, in our school

The most beautiful and beautiful.

Good luck, faith, love,

You are just a miracle!


Yes, still forgot to wish -

Mark you excellent,

Let dreams come true

And happiness in personal life!


Flowers we bring. Any desk

As the flower bed will be, we will decorate it.

Today is Women's Day - Eighth of March,

Girls we congratulate in our class.


Today we do not pull the braids,

Today we do not hide at all

Answers to serious questions:

We respect our classmates!


We congratulate the girls! Sorry,

What hooligans, do not judge strictly!

We will not deny you our protection,

Just grow up a little more!

Comic congratulations for classmates

The coolest, the coolest,
We congratulate the whole class,
And we wish the whole class.
That you were beautiful
To more smiled
The classes differed
And we wish you
To all dreams come true!

You have not yet appreciated
Hidden its potential.
Again got a deuce,
Instead of letters and praises.
Well you are very talented
In vain you hide your talent.
In "Bear", by the way,
That year was the second.
Many different books you read,
Geography is strong ...
Hand in vain does not raise,
What, the five is not needed?
Here still it would not be lazy,
All tasks to perform ...
It would be better to learn
Only the top five receive.


Eyes shine, faces shine,

The men twist to the right, to the left.

Today, each is a queen,

The Empress, the Queen.

Here the weak sex gives orders,

And the strong sex is weakly weak.

Hurry to do everything at once,

She is a goddess, he is only a slave.

March 8, a glorious holiday,

Will celebrate more than one century.

And this holiday is the most important

Not that your 23rd!

Congratulations to classmates on March 8

Fair sex!

Oh, you are not weak!

A little bit - a foot on the floor -

Such are you women!

And yet we appreciate you,

Therefore, let us sigh

And we congratulate you on the female

International day!

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