Congratulations to the grandmother on March 8

Congratulations to the grandmother on March 8How to originally congratulate the grandmother on March 8, what to wish your beloved and dear person on this beautiful spring day? You will find answers to these questions only in our article. We offer you a huge selection of congratulations on the 8th of March in prose and verses for the grandmother. Sometimes it is so hard to find the right words to express your feelings, love and unlimited respect for the closest people. Especially on International Women's Day, when I want to thank for all of my beloved mothers and grandmothers. We bring to your attention the most beautiful wishes for March 8, greetings from granddaughter. You can also find on our website for every taste. International Women's Day is a great occasion to please your beloved women with beautiful, pleasant words!

Poems grandmother on March 8

I'm on March 8 early,
I rush to buy gifts,
A bouquet of flowers for your mother,
And what to give to the grandmother?

She always taught me
Do not throw money into the wind,
So can a pack of soap
Or for writing a notebook?

No, my grandmother is worthy,
Much more and i
Buy her a cool gift
After all, she is my grandmother!

Who will tie stylish socks
With a pattern in the latest fashion?
Who is our strongest specialist
And the commander in the garden?

Who exactly can list
From TV series names?
Who knows the secret perfect
The secret of homemade wine?

All this, grandma, about you,
Take from me a bouquet.
Congratulations on March 8
In the world, granny is better not!

Congratulations to the grandmother on March 8

Dear granny, her hands are like birds,
Let you hello, do not go to the hospital.
On the day of spring, festive, take gifts,
Kind granny, a ray of sunshine bright.
For your efforts, wise science,
I bow low to you and a whole hand.
Since the eighth of March, grandmother, you have been without years,
For your attention, affection and care!


Grandmother, dear, mommy second,
I congratulate you heartily today!
On the day of the Eighth of March I wish,
Lots and lots of joy, dear granny!
And to the hands of what they can do so much,
I will touch my cheek and tell them sternly:
"You can never, hands, fall,
You have so long to deal with me !!! "


Beloved grandmother! Happy Women's Day

Today I want to congratulate you.

Let waltz spring seems to you Viennese

Let March, come to your heart, loving.


Let the health fails you,

Let your beauty do not fade away.

Although you and grandmother, know that for many,

You're a woman-tale, you're just a dream!

Other grandmothers - long in a handkerchief,

My own is still young!

She does not want to grow old at all,

Over time, she will start a dispute.


And time, of course, will recede here -

After all, grandmother can not argue.

Let spring come in your soul,

And your youth blossoms!

Congratulations to the grandmother on March 8

Congratulations to the prose in International Women's Day

Grandma, I want to congratulate you on March 8 and wish only good and happiness! You deserve the best! Thank you very much for your kindness, you help me in word and deed, support me. I love you very much and I want to wish you great happiness!


Since childhood, everyone knows that March 8 is the day of real women. And on this day it is customary to congratulate, give gifts and flowers to all women. But I want to wish your holiday to last not a day, but a whole year. Congratulations on March 8, my dear granny!


My dear granny! I hasten to congratulate you on a wonderful spring holiday - International Women's Day.Women are beautiful in any pore, and now you have something that a carefree youth does not have: your female wisdom, caring and endless love that warms everyone around. May this spring holiday bring you joy and good mood.


You are the main woman in our life and we love you with all our hearts. It is you who are the keeper of tradition and hearth that has raised us and helped to become good people. On this bright day, I would like to wish you many years and good health in order to delight us with your society for many, many years.


Today is a holiday, and I sincerely want to congratulate my beloved grandmother on this wonderful day! I wish you health, luck, good mood, pleasant pastime, smiles, joy and health! May love never end, so that you will always be young and full of strength!

Children's greetings on March 8

My lovely granny,
I love you madly me.
Well, where else can you find one
Funny, like my grandmother?

Happy and naughty,
Always with a smile on his face.
My lovely granny,
You just know - you're the best!

Your worries are not a burden to me,
And only always go to the plus.
My grandma, my joy,
I'm always waiting for you to visit.

Today is March 8th,
And I congratulate you.
Let the years not return back.
I love you anyway!

Congratulations to the grandmother on March 8

With you, woe is no harm.
They played you okay.
We have always been around since childhood,
My own grandmother.

You are a sweet, kind man.
Advisor is my best and friend.
Live for at least another century
Let the trouble go away, ailment.

On the beautiful Day of the Eighth of March
I give gifts and flowers.
I wish a life farta.
Warmth, love and kindness.


I have a Grandmother,

She bakes pancakes,

Knit warm socks,

He knows tales and poems.

I love my grandmother

I will give her a postcard!

Grandma, Grandma,

How I love you!

Be always beautiful

Young and sweet!


Smile more,

Do not be sad try!

Grow up when big

You will be proud of me!


Wonder my grandmother,

I congratulate you

With the first holiday of spring,

Women of all and the whole country!


I want to wish you

Do not go to the doctor at all,

Let all argue at the cottage

And the rich don't cry!

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