Contests and greetings for corporate events on March 8

An office is practically a second home for many of us. And it is good that in addition to work there are holidays, such as March 8. On this spring day, corporate in the women's team becomes especially fun if the program of contests and congratulations is thought out to the smallest detail.

Competitions for corporate parties on March 8

So that the holiday does not seem boring to tea, think up in advance a few contests, or use our ideas.

  1. Bilbok.This is a fun contest for an unlimited number of people. The host of the evening 9 Let it be a male boss, for example) invites the ladies to fight for the sweet prize. Take a few plastic cups according to the number of players, tie a ball with a hole to the handle of each cup or any similar item that fits in the cup (you can use the neck of plastic bottles and foam balls). The essence of the competition is as follows: each player throws the ball up and tries to catch it in a mug. The last one who can do this leaves the ranks of the contestants.The game lasts as long as one winner remains or the fastest participant gains the number of points established by the rules. As a reward, the winner can be given a candy bouquet.

  2. Theatrical competition, the jury - men.Invite several women to participate, and ask them to portray a feminist, an official, a putoman, a muzhinenavistnitsu and so on. The most talented actress is determined by men.
  3. Dress up each other.This is a fun contest for women of fashion. The leader chooses several pairs, gives each one bag of clothes. The task of the participants - blindfolded as soon as possible to put on your partner. The winner is the pair in which both girls coped with the task faster than the opponent.
  4. Evening dress.Since March 8 is a women's day, contests for corporate parties should correspond to the interests of the fair sex. So, in this competition the task of each pair of girls is to create a beautiful evening outfit from the props that the host of the evening provides them. The most creative designer and ward can be awarded with a valuable prize, for example, to present stylish leather cosmetics bags.

After such a positive pastime, invite the ladies to dance to good music.

Congratulations on March 8 to female colleagues

Despite the fact that a female colleague in the office is perceived exclusively as a specialist in her field, every lady dreams of hearing warm congratulatory words from the stronger sex.

Here are a few corporate greetings for female colleagues:

  1. Pretty women! Happy spring to you. Today, from the entire male team, we want to express words of admiration. It is a pleasure not only to work with you, but also just to spend such merry evenings here. In any weather and under any circumstances, let your charm bring warmth to this world!
  2. By the Eighth of March beautiful words
    Colleagues will compose a nice:
    Love, good wish, happiness,
    So that every day - irresistible!

    Let all problems dissolve
    For our incomparable ladies
    Dreams all start to come true,
    Opening the way to miracles!

    And Women's Day is the beginning of a fairy tale
    Let it be, dear, for you!
    From now on it will be bright, clear
    Any of your day and every hour!

  3. Our dear women, lovely and unique! On this beautiful March day, we men want to tell you again that without your wisdom, without your beauty, it would be boring to live.Flourish every day, give us smiles every day - and let your tenderness endlessly fall on all the people around you.

The corporate party for March 8 in the women's team can be such a fun and unforgettable event.

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