Courtney Kardashian decided to move to France

Fans of Courtney Kardashian are waiting from day to day for her 24-year-old boyfriend Younes Bejima to make her an offer. And judging by the fact that Younes was already noticed in one of the jewelry stores in Los Angeles, where he was choosing wedding rings, this moment is close as never before. In the meantime, Courtney can afford to dream of a happy future: for example, sources say that the 38-year-old star of a reality show seriously thought about moving to Paris after Younes, who often has to work as a model in France. “Younes moved to Los Angeles just to be closer to Courtney, but he still misses Europe. Paris is a special place for him. He wants to move there with Courtney, and she really likes this idea, ”the insider said.

True, these romantic plans will have to face the reality in the face of three children of Courtney from the previous boyfriend Scott Disick. If Courtney decides to fulfill their dream with Younes, then the eight-year-old Mason,five-year-old Penelope and three-year-old Rhine will go to Paris together with her mother. “Scott is extremely excited by this prospect. He tries to dissuade Courtney as much as she can, but if she wants something, she always finds a way to do it. Besides, Scott is not her authority at all, and she will take his opinion into account, - the source said. - Of course, she does not plan to move for good. But for several months, as an experiment, why not? Most likely, Courtney and Younes will leave this summer. "

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