Cracks on the heels: causes and ways to eliminate them

The main causes of cracks

Main reasonsappearancescrackson women's heels are eitherimproper careskin on this site, eitherserious diseasesrequiring the advice of a doctor.

Improper use can be attributed to improper care; pumice is used to eliminate chapped skin on the heels. There is another extreme: when the removal of dead cells on the heels is not performed at all, which subsequently leads to coarsening of the skin and loss of moisture.

For soft heels, you need to regularly remove the hardened skin on the heels with pumice, peels or a Scholl electric saw. True, the last resort is not the cheapest, the price can vary from 2300 rubles and above. But effective. At the end of the process it is necessary to apply a moisturizer to the treated area of ​​the skin.

Incorrect care can also include frequent walking barefoot,wearing shoes made of synthetic materials, harmful working conditions, smoking, poor nutrition, fad diets, lack of fluid in the body.

But there are cases when, even with proper care, cracks on the heels will still form and create a certain discomfort when walking. In such situationreasonsof educationcracksthere may be diseases such asdiabetes, fungal infection, dermatitis, endocrine disruption, hormonal failure. And here already without the help of a doctor is not enough. It should undergo an examination, pass the tests. For an accurate result, you need to visit three doctors: an endocrinologist, a dermatologist and a therapist. Experts will identify the cause of cracks and prescribe you the appropriate treatment.

Heel crack treatment

Cancuresmallcracks and self at home. This will require an ointment or cream with a moisturizing effect. It is better to discuss your choice of one or another remedy with a dermatologist.

Now in pharmacies a large number of drugs for heels. It is better to choose an inexpensive and proven remedy with a healing effect.A nice option would behemorrhoids ointment. But it should be properly applied. It is necessary to steam out the feet, rub the heels with pumice, wash the cracks with laundry soap to prevent the appearance of an infection, apply the product on the affected area, put on light socks and go to bed. Wash the feet thoroughly in the morning.

Alternatively, you can use andantifungal ointment. But you need to use them carefully and with some caution. Follow the recipe strictly, and soon the cracks on the heels will disappear. For prophylaxis usecream based on aloe and glycerin.

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