Craftsman connected the end of the rope and spandex. The result is a great accessory.

If you needed a simple rug, suitable for any room in the house, try to realize this idea. Perhaps some of the processes are quite laborious, but the result will please you. Such a beautiful thing is not a shame to put in the most prominent place, and the guests will be delighted. You can cope with the work in just a couple of hours.

You will need the following materials:

  • sisal rope;
  • spandex;
  • non-slip backing pad;
  • hot glue;
  • scissors;
  • parchment paper.

You can take a rope of the same color, or you can combine different colors in your rug. On the rug, you can lay out different patterns.

The mat will consist of spirals of different sizes twisted from a rope. You can roughly estimate how many centimeters you need for each of them.Then measure the desired amount and cut.

I can not say exactly how much rope is needed. It all depends on its thickness and the size of your future rug. The author of the master class advises making spirals of 3-5 different sizes and combining them on the plane, arranging the desired pattern.

The first kind of spirals are made of rope. We twist it, fastening with a glue gun. Although hot glue freezes quickly enough, hold the whole structure with your hands for a while.

Make a few of these simple spirals of various sizes. Allow the glue to completely harden.

We make colored rings by braiding the rope with pieces of bright spandex. In this case, red was used. A piece of material must be folded three times, and then fasten the ends with hot glue.

Now the edge of the spandex is glued to the end of the rope.

Now wrap the spandex around the rope, at the same time twisting the rope itself into a spiral. It is necessary to press very tightly, fixing the spiral with hot glue.

This is how your spirals should look like in the end.

Now lay out the picture that you need on the floor. Important: the most beautiful side of your spiral should lie down, because before you the wrong side.Lay on top of the base for a rug, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

Spread the helix with hot glue and glue a plastic non-slip base on top.

After gluing you need to take sharp scissors and cut off the edges of the base, which stick out from under the rope part.

Then cut the holes between the circles, and additionally fix the glue to those places that are poorly fixed.

The rug looks very interesting. The combination of red spandex with a light rope reminds Christmas candies. So you can safely consider such an accessory as part of the festive decor.

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