Lovely knitted rugs that give coziness!

Knitted rugs and rugs give comfort to the house, they feel the warmth of caring hands of the hostess. They are quite appropriate in the bedroom, in the nursery, in the hallway, even in the bathroom and in the toilet.

Yes, indeed, in such places it can be wet, the mat is able to slide on the tile and lead to loss of balance. It is unpleasant, it can even be dangerous.

But, it turns out, the true craftsmen have foreseen all this. Here the choice of material is important. For example, jute rope:

  • it is inexpensive, you can take the whole reel in the garden shop, it is much cheaper than in stores for needlework, and the large length of the thread allows you to avoid knots;
  • hard enough, so the mat keeps the shape well;
  • he is not inclined to become impregnated with moisture; the water drains and the mat dries quickly;
  • a walkway or a rug connected from such material does not slip over the tile and, therefore, you can safely lay it in the toilet, bathroom and kitchen;
  • due to the fact that you can link any shape, you can accurately calculate the size for a certain place;
  • such product is not afraid of frequent washing and can be loaded into a conventional washing machine.

Hard mats knit for the hallway, there too, it is necessary that he kept his form and took over part of the street dust, not letting it into the rooms. It is also suitable hard string for knitting items for the bathroom: containers for towels, pockets for brushes, hairbrushes and other small items.

For bedrooms, living rooms and children's rooms we knit from soft springy yarn, decorate in color and appliqué, we give the appearance of cute bears or kind turtles. Having tied the rug to the sofa, we tie the sofa cushions with the same yarn - it turns out the ensemble.

Also along the way from the remnants of yarn we knit flamingos, hares and other characters, stuff them and make soft toys.

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