Damn simple puzzles that you will never guess!

There are such puzzles that cover the whole world with their genius and simplicity at the same time. This spring marks the 44th anniversary of the famous Rubik's cube or "magic cube", as it was called right after the invention. An amazing toy from a young architecture teacher has more than 43 quintillion (!) Combinations, and is collected from any position in no more than 20 movements!


Few people know, but Rubik released in 2009 also a puzzle-ball. And while the people are wondering what to do with this incomprehensible thing, while we are still training the wit in a different way - cunning riddles to wit!

The lamp is on in the middle of the night. Oleg does not sleep - he is sitting on the bed, thoughtlessly flipping through the book. At this time, a window opens quietly and two men in black masks come into the house, who search all around, collect money and valuables, and then leave the house in the same calm way through the window.The police arrive only in the morning, but Oleg cannot tell them anything about the robbery, of which he became a witness. Oleg is not deaf, not blind and not dumb, and with his mental development everything is alright too. So why is he silent?


Photo source: pixabay.com

Answer:Oleg is still a baby and he is not talking yet.

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What is it: small and gray, like an elephant?


Photo source: pixabay.com

Answer:baby elephant.

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In the mid-twentieth century, an extraordinary event occurred that will not happen again on planet Earth for about 4,000 years. What it is?


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Answer:The year 1961 was equally read when viewed from above and below. Next time this will happen only in the year 6009.

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What can never be raised in a sitting position?


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Answer:the chair on which you are sitting.

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One well-known magician entered the bar and made a statement that anyone can put money on whether it will work or fail to fulfill his claim. He claimed that he could take any empty bottle in this bar, place it in the center of the room and without any effort crawl into it completely. There were many people willing to bet "against", but the magician won the dispute and took all the bets. How is this possible?


Photo source: pixabay.com

Answer:crawling into a room with a bottle in the center is not a problem for anyone.

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Imagine that you are driving on a prairie in a jeep, it suddenly breaks down, and you have to continue the path on foot. You are surrounded by hungry lions, and there are no weapons with you. What needs to be done to be saved from predators?


Photo source: pixabay.com

Answer:stop representing this situation.

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