Dancing in the laundry and sex: new videos of Ivan Dorn and Sergey Shnurov

There are clips not to be missed. New items just like that.

The first is from Ivan Dorn's fresh English-language album, Open the Dorn. And as we can see, a million budget is not needed to make a cool picture. It is enough to arrange dancing against the background of endless rows of washing machines in the laundry room (California, but still) and to blow bubbles melancholically. The idea to make a video came to mind to the director from Kazakhstan Aysultan Seitov, as it turned out, completely spontaneously, and it took only 12 hours to translate it.

The second musical novelty is from the Leningrad group, which shoots videos more often than Woody Allen films (and he also doesn’t like to suffer for a long time in search of an idea!). However, this is not yet a video, but only a teaser - we'll have to wait until April 27 to see the next masterpiece entirely. The video is interesting, first of all, because about 500 thousand people watched it in one day, and without knowing either the name or the song for which it was shot - nothing! "New. Clip. Leningrad.04/27/2017 ”- Sergey Shnurov signed the video and what effect! The leading roles were performed by Svetlana Khodchenkova and Anton Filipenko, and, judging by the cutting, - we are waiting for some very hot scenes! Oh yeah, Anna Parmas, who shot “Exhibit” and “Drink in St. Petersburg”, became the director of the video.

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