Daughter Tommy Hilfiger married in a fabulous dress

A wedding image for Ellie, her father designed personally. Since the girl did not want a traditional veil, the designer offered her an incredibly romantic alternative.

The wedding of the 32-year-old heiress of the fashion empire Ellie Hilfiger was intimate - only for the closest. The celebration turned out to be unusual and very romantic - the couple exchanged rings and oaths on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, all the guests were dressed in white outfits, and instead of the traditional wedding march Ron Wood, the guitarist of The Rolling Stones, played his own compositions.

Photo: @mrshilfiger

It is immediately evident that the newlyweds are guys who do not like platitudes. Chosen by Ellie Steve Hash is an artist and creative director of a boutique. He loves motorcycles and tattoos. Most of them, according to Hash himself, are dedicated to his wife. Ellie is also a creative person; she works as a television producer. A couple together for about six years. They have a little daughter, Harley.The official offer Steve made his beloved one last July. It happened in Paris. “Nothing beats the feeling of marrying a best friend and soul mate,” Ellie wrote in her Instagram on her wedding day.

Photo: @mrshilfiger

It is not difficult to guess that the bride thought over the wedding image to the smallest detail. According to Ellie, she did not want a traditional veil, since she already has a daughter. But still, she dreamed of observing the romance of the rite. Then, together with his father, they invented an alterantive veil - a cloak with a hood. Tommy Hilfiger, the father of the bride, personally designed the image. To make the outfit not look too traditional, the dress itself was made in linen style of silk, but the cape was made of lace and richly decorated with floral patterns in white and blue.

Recall that Ellie Hilfiger is one of five children of 66-year-old Tommy Hilfiger. She is a child from her first marriage.

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