Day of Russia June 12, 2016: the history of the holiday, how to relax. Official congratulations on the Day of Russia 2016 in pictures, postcards, verses and prose

The weather is rapidly improving, the season of vacations and vacations starts, the outlets abound with bright fruits and berries? So it is just around the corner a young, but very significant holiday on June 12, 2016 - the Day of Russia. Despite the young age of the holiday, the Day of Russia, its history is deeper and much more interesting than the solid events from the state calendar. Unfortunately, not everyone knows when and why the Day of Russia appeared? Why do we annually give each other on the holiday of June 12 the Day of Russia congratulations in prose, poems and pictures? How do we relax on holidays June 12 in 2016? It's time to eliminate the mass ignorance about this holiday and dot the "ë".

Day of Russia June 12, 2016: the history of the holiday, how to relax. Official congratulations on the Day of Russia 2016 in pictures, postcards, verses and prose

Day of Russia 2016 - the history of the holiday, celebrated on June 12

June 12 - the real birthday of Russia. Back in 1990, on that very day, the important “Declaration of the sovereignty of the RSFSR” was adopted. In the period of vague disintegration of the Union and impending global changes, a young but strong state began its uncertain path.

The history of the holiday Day of Russia several times experienced dramatic turns. The young state, having become independent, reserved the honorary status of “multinational” - that is, excluding any discrimination based on religion or race. A year later, after the election of Boris Yeltsin, the democratic state moved to a new level. In 1994, by common efforts, a decree was instituted on the establishment of the holiday of June 12 - the “Day of the adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty of Russia”.

Over the years, Independence Day has lost its relevance. The interpretation of the date has become incomprehensible to the new generation, since independence for young people is something that goes without saying. In 1998, there was a last change in the history of the holiday of June 12: Independence Day was renamed on the holiday of Russia Day, and became understandable for any generations.

How to rest on the holiday of Russia Day June 12 in 2016

Having passed the difficult trials on the way to international recognition, the strengthened state still considers the holiday the Day of Russia on June 12 to be one of the most significant in the calendar. This clear summer day is always a day off, and in most cases, for the convenience of citizens, the next working day is also postponed to the weekend, which significantly extends the rest.

How do we rest on the holiday of Russia Day June 12, 2016? Since this year the holiday in honor of the birthday of the country falls on the second Sunday of June, the following Monday is appointed as a non-working day. Work out on June 13 is not necessary. The calendar is as follows:


Official congratulations on the Day of Russia in verse and prose

The location of the Day of Russia in the calendar of 2016 allows to celebrate it in a big way. Warm and lovely summer days lure people into the streets of the city, where demonstration performances take place at concert venues, mass celebrations and other entertainment events take place, accompanied by a loud hymn and bright flags. In the evening, both cities and large villages shine with fiery fireworks, and the hero-cities shine with salutes.On this holiday, everyone who wishes is given official congratulations on the Day of Russia in verse and prose to colleagues and relatives, sending e-mail pictures and postcards on social networks.

Other grand events often coincide with the official holiday of the Day of Russia on June 12. For example, awarding prizes in the Kremlin or peaceful rallies in honor of political parties. But even at these events, the leaders and organizers do not forget to officially congratulate the people in verse or prose on the Day of Russia.


Day of Russia 2016 - Pictures and Postcards

Alas, not every Russian knows the correct name for the holiday, the Day of Russia and its real meaning. The older generation habitually calls the date Independence Day, and young people do not particularly delve into the essence of what is happening. In fact, the deep meaning of the holiday is the Day of Russia is simple and clear: joint responsibility for the future of the state and the full national unity of the country! Send pictures and postcards to your friends on the Day of Russia, let them remember the important holiday and rejoice for their great Russia.

The best postcards and pictures of the Day of Russia, the holiday of June 12, we have already prepared and chosen for you.











The Day of Russia on June 12, 2016 is a solemn and long awaited date. As you relax and celebrate it, you already know, it remains to prepare the best official greetings in verses, prose, pictures and postcards for each dear and important person.

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