Debris close up: what should not be sent to the scrap

The established opinion about what exactly needs to be sent to the trash can can be erroneous. Proof of this - the beneficial properties of some things and even food waste, which we all used to throw. Meanwhile, there is among the written off in the junk trash that can come in handy. Here are some household tips that make you think before you open the lid of the trash can.

About the benefits of cleaning

Having decided to eat a banana, do not rush to throw away the peel. It is an excellent plant nutrition. Replanting potted flowers, you can add a little crushed and dried banana skins to the ground. When planting seedlings, you can add peel directly to the hole. Grateful will be green pets and for watering infusion of banana peel.

Another type of cleaning, which will be useful when transplanting flowers - walnut shells, which are cleared of partitions. It will be an excellent natural drainage.

Now about citrus. Even if you do not intend to make candied fruit or use zest, do not throw orange peel. The best product for cleaning the microwave just does not exist! Just something you need: put the purification tank of oranges, pour them completely with water and turn on the microwave for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Tangerine peel will also be useful, but only inside the cabinet. When dried, it will not only scare away the mole, but also give things a light aroma.

And again about the flowers

The source of potassium is coffee grounds, but only in the case when the coffee is brewed without added sugar. You can water the flowers even with what remains in the Turk. Use dried coffee grounds and can be transplanted. Add it to the dough mixture in the ratio of 1:50.

Iron will become a valuable fertilizer for roses. In the pot, there will be enough pairs of rusty nails, and in the garden, as close to the root system of the rose bushes, you can even bury cans. Rusting, iron becomes available for roses, which, being saturated with iron oxide, will bloom much brighter.

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