Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner without effort

Are you very busy at work and have no time for cooking? You will be helped by a product from which you can either prepare a tasty dish very quickly or easily, or have a full meal, without standing for a minute at the stove. This unique product - crab sticks.

Crab sticks - Japanese invention, which is about a thousand years old. In Japan, this product is called “kamaboko” and is treated with great respect because of its high nutritional value, because kamaboko is based on healthy fish protein. There are many recipes for kamaboko, but the most famous of them iscrab sticks. Our consumers became acquainted with this product in 1991, when crab sticks of the brand were first produced in the CIS at the Vichyunai plant. For 20 years, the original Japanese technology is strictly observed in the production of crab sticks: minced meat is prepared from fresh cod, hake, and pollock fillets without using preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Crab sticks are loved not only in Japan; This delicacy is known all over the world and is often used as a separate dish. The French, for example, prefer to dip them in the sauce and drink down with dry white wine.

In Russiacrab stickshave become the basic ingredient for the preparation of various salads and snacks. Recipes for light and nutritious dishes with crab sticks are plentiful: you can make a full breakfast of crab sticks, vegetables, cheese and light mayonnaise. For lunch, you can apply crab bits. To do this, crab sticks should be finely chopped, add a raw egg, garlic, a little flour, mix and fry in vegetable oil. Crab sticks can be cooked and light dinner, just wrap them with thin bacon ribbons, fry in a frying pan and serve with boiled potatoes or rice. The preparation of such fish dishes will take only a few minutes, while you can avoid the tedious cleaning and cutting of fish.

Convenience and ease of use allow you to use crab sticks as a snack in cases where there is no opportunity to fully dine: at work, on the road, and so on.Crab sticks are a truly unique fish product that you can eat quickly or, with a little imagination, quickly make a tasty and healthy dish out of it.

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