Device for watering and feeding the apple tree

An apple tree is a decoration of any garden. With proper care, the tree will please with a bountiful harvest of excellent fruits. Experts recommend watering an apple tree at least 4 times per season. If there is a drought, then watering the tree is not easy. Dried earth does not absorb water well. It is difficult to determine the depth of soil wetting during watering. For many years I have watered my apple trees on top of the soil. We take water from the well. During the drought, there is not enough water for the apple trees. I think that many gardeners do not water the apple trees because of the lack of water, so I want to share my method of watering. The method is very simple, material costs are minimal. This method allows not only to reduce the amount of water during watering, but also increases the efficiency of liquid fertilizing the tree. The peculiarity of my watering is that the water goes straight to the roots of the tree. The earth is wetted not from the outside, but from the inside. In order to bring water to the roots, we will need any plastic tube about 10 cm in diameter,50-70 cm long and drill. I used a corrugated tube, it remained from electrical work. You can use a piece of old hose. As a drill, I took an old ice-breaker for winter fishing. The holes are made just the diameter of my tube. Why did I use the drill instead of the shovel? With a drill you can make a hole at an angle, close to the trunk, the roots are damaged minimally.
Device for watering and feeding the apple tree
Device for watering and feeding the apple tree
I made holes in the corrugated tube so that the water would wet the ground more evenly. Watering is the entire length of the tube. I made the holes with a small screwdriver, burning it on the fire. I recommend taking plastic tubes, as it is easier to make holes in them. Device for watering and feeding the apple tree
This is our experimental tree. It has not yet bloomed, the buds are just starting to bloom. In winter, the mouse was bitten by the apple tree, so the tree needs additional feeding. I plan to feed it with grass extract. Using a spade, I outline the place where I will drill a hole, dig a small hole. I'll be drilling towards the trunk. jpg "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="Apparatus for watering and fertilizing an apple tree"> An ice hole is made easy. The drill is deepened gradually, constantly getting the earth. Turned 2-3 times, got. At the bottom of the earth is wet, so the walls of the hole do not crumble. Device for watering and feeding the apple tree I made the necessary hole, here you can see it.
Apparatus for watering and feeding apple trees
Now gently place the tube there with twisting movements. Device for watering and feeding the apple tree I set the tube to the required depth. So she does not stick out much above the ground, I cut her off. You can not cut off the tube at ground level.Device for watering and feeding the apple tree Now I will test the device, pour water. Water needs to be poured in portions. The rate of water withdrawal depends on the soil moisture.
Device for watering and feeding the apple tree
I cover the top of the tube with a trimming of a plastic bottle so that grass and earth do not fall into it. I don't pick up the phone in winter. The old apple tree, which I had to cut, had this tube for 5 years. If the tree is big, you can put a few pipes. I hope someone will use my watering method.

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