Any diet you want to apply should be agreed with your doctor or dietitian. It is no secret that following the generalized rules of one diet, you can only exacerbate the problems of excess weight and achieve the emergence of new unexpected diseases. What needs to be done to avoid this? The answer is simple. Before the implementation of any diet, consult your doctor. Let's talk about a diet that has become one of the most popular lately, namely, the astronauts diet. So:

Diet of astronauts

This diet is based only on protein foods. You should exclude from your diet foods that contain fiber. Salt, sugar, pepper and hot spices are also subject to a strict ban. It is necessary to observe a diet that includes four meals per day. Sometimes, between meals, you can satisfy your hunger with a single cup of kefir. Drink plenty of good, but very ordinary water. Also, it is necessary to additionally use mineral complexes.

Well, here's the diet itself:

  • For breakfast, it is advised to cook scrambled eggs from one egg. It is necessary to fry eggs in a dry pan without oil.As a drink, you can use one cup of kefir or coffee without sugar and without milk.
  • For lunch, you can cook half a carcass of boiled chicken, half a liter of broth. As a drink, use one cup of kefir or a cup of coffee without sugar or milk.
  • At lunch, one cup of kefir or one cup of coffee without milk or sugar should be consumed in order to follow the astronauts diet.
  • At dinner, eat the same as that used for afternoon tea.

That's the whole diet. As it is not difficult to notice, the diet can be called very strict. Only a person with a strong will can observe it. If you suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, then this diet is not recommended for you. It is no secret that such a diet is minimized. In this regard, your body will experience a serious shake and stress. This effect will intensify if you start a diet dramatically. Doctors advise starting any diet with a smooth transition. Eat less and less every day. Only after that you can start a diet.

Diet astronauts. Reviews:

"Today I have 4 day. 3 days were easy. The food is monotonous, only it is annoying. 2.5 kg is gone."Lesya

"August 26, 2011. Today is the 2nd day of the diet, - 2 kg.I will try to hold out all 20 days. Last year only lasted 5 days: -6.5 kg. The feeling of hunger appears in the evening or when I cook sweets for my husband and son ... I wash down the hunger for coffee (only insoluble - the feeling of hunger disappears from ground coffee)"Olga

"Today, I went on a diet the first day. I feel fine, the feeling of hunger is a bit present, but I interrupt by drinking water (without gas). I think you can hold out, you need only willpower, but we want to be BEAUTIFUL AND FINE. "Inna

"I advise this diet to all those who in a short time, you need to lose weight significantly!
Result - 8 days 6kg! "Vitaly

"I am sitting on the fifth day)) There is not so much the desire, but the diversity is not enough ... and salt))) And so tolerant. I’m not guided by weight, I believe more in clothes and a mirror ñ in the end, I don’t walk the streets with the weights))))) First of all, my face, hands, and legs were visually good. Ankles are built, visible with the naked eye. The tummy, judging by the jeans, also began to go, but of course slower. I think I have enough for 20 days)) "Mashulya

"Today, the first day, oh, I do not know what happens, but I will expect excellent results! :) "Mashulya

"I also sat down on this diet)) I noted such a moment that it is better not to do physical exercises on this diet - it is proteinaceous.For reference, the athletes are sitting on squirrels so that the muscle mass grows faster))))) Even for the first 4 days in combination with physical exercises, my weight has only increased. I was frightened, then I felt myself, well, it feels like where it used to be gently, now it has somehow become noticeably firmer ... And the muscles weigh much more fat.

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