Good evening. Tell me, please, how to limit the capacity? My father is a drunken man. Periodically he goes into the drinking bout for several weeks. He is divorced from his mother, but we all live in a one-room apartment of 32 sq. M. Often arranges scandals. If it is possible to limit capacity and establish guardianship, how can this be done.


Good afternoon!

Recognition as incapable is carried out only in a judicial order. To do this, it is necessary to prepare an appropriate claim for the limitation of your father’s legal capacity and file it with the court at your place of residence (father’s place of residence).

If the court finds your father of limited ability, guardianship will be established over him. It is the trustee who will receive and spend the earnings, pension and other income of your father. The guardian is appointed by the social security authorities, which will be mandatory in court.

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