Disposable Cup

Sometimes there are situations when you and your friends bought some kind of cooling drink, but there is nothing to drink it with. Drinking everything from the bottle is a little hygienic. In this case, if you have paper on hand, you can easily and quickly make disposable cups and drink a drink. Making a disposable paper cup So, take a piece of paper and (if you have at hand) scissors.
necessary materials
Then we fold the sheet of paper so that by cutting off the unnecessary part, we get a triangle.
 we fold the sheet
Cut off the unnecessary part.
 unnecessary part
After we have a triangle, we take right angle and transfer to the left side of the triangle.
 bend the sheet
Do the same with the left corner,but to the right.
 once more let's bend
Then we lay the front upper part of the front side into the resulting hole.
 fold inwards
We fold the back upper part behind.
Straighten the cup.
 unbend the resulting cup
A glass is ready and you can safely pour a drink there. Disposable Cup
But it should be noted that if you want your glass to remain dry for a long time, you must do everything the same, but using several sheets.

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