DIY Easter Toy

Unusual Easter toy, made with your own hands by a child, will help you to decorate a table or yard on Easter Sunday. And if you make such crafts for Easter in kindergarten, you can arrange a playground for them and hold several fun contests.

Such crafts are made for Easter from a regular balloon and many pieces of unwanted paper.

Easter toy with your own arms

Easter toy do-it-yourself

The balloon should be taken egg-shaped, one that resembles a chicken egg. By blowing it, we separate the upper part with a wavy line.

 Separate the upper part of the ball with a wavy line

Separate the upper part of the ball with a wavy line

We apply glue with a wide brush on a small area of ​​the ball's surface. You can take a paste or glue of PVA, you can use stationery glue, but it dries faster,therefore, you will need to work with greater speed.

 Apply glue

Apply glue

Gradually cover the surface of the ball with small pieces of paper, sticking them on the glue. The last layers can be made of soft material - for example, napkins or paper towels. You can stick not only white, but also colored paper. We wait until the glue dries.

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