Do-it-yourself mimosa application by March 8

The application of the mimosa by March 8, created with the help of cardboard and thin colored paper or pieces of plasticine, can be one of the pleasant surprises that the little ones prepare for their charming mothers and caring grandmothers.

It’s can be made such an application mimosa in kindergarten. The materials required for its production are usually available in caregivers or in daddies for labor education in children.

 Application of mimosa on March 8 with your own hands

Application of mimosa to March 8 do-it-yourself

Everything you need to create this craft:

A suitable shade of colored cardboard (it’s better to use a coated one, since it looks more impressive). A hand-made mimosa by March 8 will look good on a blue, blue or purple cardboard background.

A red sheet and a sheet of green colored paper.

Thin (tissue) yellow paper or yellow plasticine.



Simple pencil.

You canpre-make the number eight pattern, cutting it out of cardboard or a simple notebook sheet. Then the kids will work easier.

Getting started!

We take a sheet of cardboard, we estimate its size. You can leave the sheet as it is, or you can give it a square shape or proportionally reduce the length and width.

 Sheet of cardboard

Sheet of cardboard

Cut out the silhouette of the figure eight from the red paper, with or without a template.

 Cut out the contour of the eight

Cut out the contour of the figure-eight

Cut through the round holes to the similarity with the number of hundred of even greater. We glue it to the main background.
 Glue the eight

Glue the figure eight

From the green paper, cut out the silhouette of the branch.

Cut out the contour sprigs

Cut out the contour of the sprigs

Make the edges of the spines jagged, slightly cutting them with scissors. You can immediately use scissors with a raised (wavy) edge.

Making cuts on twigs

Making cuts on branches

We paste the twig on the cardboard, next to the figure eight.

 Glue the sprig

Glue the twig

If we do all the craft work out of paper, then cut the prepared yellow sheet into squares. To alleviate this problem, first cut out the stripes, and then give them a square shape.

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