Do-it-yourself Valentine's Day greeting card

How to make a postcard for Valentine's Day with your own hands? For children, any holiday is an important event of their little life, and, of course, is no exception.

It is on this day that they can show all their kindness, affection, admit the warmest feelings not only to the closest people, but also friends. Therefore, children are very responsible in the process of preparing for the holiday of lovers.

 Do-it-yourself Valentine's Day card

Do-it-yourself Valentine's Day card

An indispensable attribute of any holiday are the postcards - on Valentine's Day every kid tries to make them with his own hands, because it is the symbolic postcard - Valentine's Day - that is recognition of the first kind in the most light and warm feelings.

Postcard on Valentine's Day with your own hands can be performed in different techniques.We propose to consider the most interesting and accessible ones.

Card with hearts and roses

Very simple, but effective for Valentine's Day card - a card with hearts and roses. For crafts, we need colored paper, glue, scissors and a pencil.

 Paper, glue, scissors, pencil

Paper, glue, scissors, pencil

We twist colored red or dark pink thick paper into a roll and cut the roll into small pieces.

Cut the roll of curled paper

Cut the roll of curled paper paper

Come and curled paper, fix adhesive. We should get paper not very dense curls. Glue curls on pre-prepared heart. We place a heart on the basis of a postcard - folded in half a soft green cardboard.

 Paste curls on the heart

Paste the curls on heart

Do triangular curls of green paper - fold the paper in several layers and cut into pieces. Glue the green curls.Gentle and elegant Valentine's Day postcard - ready!











Cut a rectangle

Cut a rectangle

the second sheet is pasted outside of the first.

 We glue the rectangle to the leaflet with a heart

A rectangle is glued to a leaflet with a heart

A card withheart liner inside.

 Decorating the front side

Decorating the front side

You can make this heart more flashy by pasting it with paper of a different color. Outside, the postcard is made to your liking.

 We decorate the inside of the heart

We decorate the inside of the heart

As a surprise, you can paste it into the valentine baby photo. This postcard on February 14 will be especially liked by mothers and grandmothers.

Postcard with heart-stamps

It's easy to draw a big heart and with small stamps.

We fold the sheet double

Sheet fold in half

 Cut the heart on the fold

Cut the heart on the fold

 Put the heart on a clean sheet

Putting a heart on a clean sheet

A small heart stamp is easy to make from a foam rubber sponge, an eraser, and even an ordinary potato.To make it easier to form a big heart, prints are placed using a self-made stencil-frame.

 We paint with stamps

We paint with stamps

 When we remove the frame there remains a clear imprint

When we remove the frame there is a clear imprint

Card-heart decorated with paper flowers

Och Beautifully obtained postcards, decorated with volumetric flowers made of paper. Cut the paper into fairly wide strips, cut them along one edge. Fold the strips into rolls and fan the incised part.
 wrap a strip on a wand

wrap a strip on a wand

img title =" It turns out a paper flower "src =" "alt =" It turns out a paper flower "width =" 400 "height="315">

It turns out a paper flower

With these flowers we paste a postcard around the outer edge.

 Glue the flowers on the heart

Glue the flowers on the heart

Trusting your imagination, you can make the most original valentinesto congratulate all dear people on the holiday of lovers.

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