a guest03.07.18 22:03

Do you buy used items?

How do you feel about buying used things? What types of goods are allowed and which are not?

a guest05.07.18 08:08

I do not like worn items, so I prefer new

I also do not buy, maybe I would buy something from the equipment, but not so.

a guest09.07.18 16:23

I never buy clothes, once I bought sneakers. I just try to fill my wardrobe with new and high-quality things, they are worn longer and there is no need to run every second. But the stroller and some of the children's furniture bought used, as these things are needed on very limited lines. We have a floor mirror in the bedroom, we also bought new ones on the violiti, I really liked the design. Generally speaking, furniture and household appliances are completely satisfactory for me, but underwear and clothing are by no means necessary.

I buy and am not ashamed of it

That you second-hand mean by used?

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How can you buy things after someone else, it is better to buy your new one, so that it would not be thought.

bu do not have to buy. made it much easier to buy normal things with a friend and just change with it and combine.

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