Does an electronic cigarette help quit smoking?

The first electronic cigarettes were created in the 60s of the 20th century, but officially this invention was advertised only in 2004. Since then, electronic cigarettes have become unprecedented, especially in those countries where there are tough anti-tobacco laws. In Russia and the CIS, electronic cigarettes are presented as a means to stop smoking, although this is fundamentally wrong. In the Western world, this substitute for conventional cigarettes is bought in order to be able to get nicotine in its usual form, being in a public place.Electronic cigarettes were developed by Hong Kong inventor Hon Lik to minimize the harm of smoking. At the same time, there was not a single statement that such cigarettes could help to quit smoking.

The principle of operation of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine and are designed to help smokers to be in public places, without confusing the surrounding caustic and unpleasant smoke.These cigarettes consist of a battery, an evaporator and a liquid containing essential oils and nicotine. The sensation when smoking an electronic cigarette is completely repeated by those that a smoker feels when tightening with ordinary tobacco smoke. To do this, there is propylene glycol in the e-cigarette fluid, which irritates the upper respiratory tract receptors in the same way as ordinary tobacco smoke tar does. In conjunction with the fact that the vapor of the evaporated liquid in density and taste is about the same as in the smoke of expensive brands of cigarettes, a smoker has a feeling that he smokes real cigarettes. The advantage of electronic cigarettes can only be called the fact that they do not contain cancer-causing resins that cause cancer. But they do not remove any physiological or psychological dependence on cigarettes. It turns out that it is impossible to quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes due to the fact that they do not even have the properties of a regular nicotine patch or chewing gum, and they imitate 100% traditional tobacco products.Even despite the absence of carcinogenic tar in electronic cigarettes, they still cause significant harm.Indeed, thanks to them, the smoker gets "safe" cigarettes, and therefore can continue to smoke.

The reason for the popularity of electronic cigarettes

In Russia, smoking electronic cigarettes in public places is subject to anti-tobacco law bans, since their use is also a propaganda of smoking. In Russia and around the world, electronic cigarettes have become popular only thanks to online advertising. After all, their cost is one or two dollars, while the profit from their sale reaches several thousand percent. Repeating all the same mechanisms of influence on the psyche and physiology of a person as regular cigarettes, their electronic counterparts do not eliminate the true cause of craving for smoking. The fact that it is useless to use any form of a substitute for cigarettes with tobacco is perfectly proved in the book by Allenna Carr - a time-tested method of millions of people for a final victory over cigarette addiction.

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